Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Presidential candidate, Prabowo Subianto, wearing udheng during the campaign in Denpasar

Udheng (udeng/destar/male headband) is the symbol for the male Balinese people. Udeng also the result of a culture that has been established since hundreds of years. Official guests who come to Bali, will be welcomed and given udeng to wear.

A few weeks ago, presidential candidate number 2, Joko Widodo, while campaigning in Bali, he wore udheng provided by sympathizers. Wearing udheng is a form of tribute to the people of Bali. Because udheng is part of the culture of the people of Bali.

Not only presidential candidate number 2, number 1 candidate for president, while campaigning in Denpasar, Bali, also wearing udheng. Udheng worn white, the color white is a symbol of purity and sincerity. Therefore, investigators who welcomed the presidential candidates give undheng, so that people feel respected and chose Bali as president.

In the presidential campaign number 1, he promised, if he is elected president, he will always be present at the opening ceremony of the Bali Arts Festival is held regularly every year. Bali Arts Festival is a platform to show the entire creative arts in Bali.

Not only worn by the presidential candidates, udheng also worn by vice presidential candidate number 1 during the campaign in Bali a few weeks ago. This attitude is very well appreciated by the people of Bali, and is a very great honor for the people of Bali.

Udheng often defined as a religious symbol by some people who do not understand the culture. Many people assume that udheng only worn by the Hindu religion. Indeed udheng is the result of the development of culture in Bali. Anyone can wear a udheng without hindu religion.