Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kreneng Traditional Market Denpasar

Kreneng Traditional Market is a traditional market in the city of Denpasar, located in Cambodia Street, Denpasar. This market was built in 1983, consists of three floors. Kreneng traditional market is a market that mostly sell items of daily needs. 

Kreneng Traditional Market start open from 2:00 am. Since morning traders have started selling merchandise. Some started at 1:00 am, since the market opened this already congested by the supliyer and distributors that carry vegetables, fruits, rice, fish, meat, and others. The bustle in the morning by the traders, starting with arranging merchandise in the They have shanties. Therefore, starting at 4:00 am, the shoppers have already started to come to the market to buy all their needs.

By noon, the market began to quiet. If the sun is getting hot, the traders will close their stalls. Because the buyers have started to decrease. During the day, the buyers who come just looking for secondary purposes, such as knives, cloth, clothes, kitchen tools, and others. During the day the market is also a stopover for cars to public transport, taxis and small buses.

Prices of products sold in the traditional market of Kreneng, is very cheap. Generally, the products are sold in the city is more expensive than in the village, but in this market, all products are sold cheap, although this market at the center of the city. Therefore, the market is always crowded by the buyer. Almost everyone in Denpasar who want to look for basic needs at a low price, definitely go to the Kreneng Traditional Market.

Kreneng Traditional Market is one of the markets in Bali are open 24 hours. If in the morning until noon, the products sold in this market are vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, and other consumption needs, different time of the afternoon until night. When the afternoon until the evening, Kreneng Traditional Market turned into a night market, or better known as Pasarsenggol.

At night, in the Kreneng traditional market, merchandise sold is food, beverage, textile products, shoes. At night, this market is also very crowded by the buyer. The cheap price is the purpose of their shopping at the market. This traditional market is never by the buyer from the early morning until evening. Always busy 24 hours a day.

Kreneng traditional market is one of the traditional market is very unique. In addition to the morning market that sells various types of vegetables and other basic needs, while the night market will turn into a very crowded night market by buyers who are looking for clothing, food, and shoes. All day activities have never stopped by the merchants and shoppers. It is very setrategis makes this market very well known.