Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July, the flu season in Bali

Since the beginning of July 2014, the air temperature gets colder in Bali. Not only the cold, in the morning, the air in the area of ​​rice fields and mountains are very hazy. Cold in July is a common thing. Therefore, in July, the sun is in the north of the equator. Mean, the sun is at a position that is very far from the island of Bali. Bali getting so light and less heat than usual. That is why during July and August on the island of Bali where the air temperature is very cold.

When in July the flu more easily infect humans in Bali. When in July many residents of Bali are highly susceptible to colds and flu. Especially those with a very weak body condition. Flu is very common in Bali. In July this year the flu more easily occur due to weather conditions that tend cloudy and sometimes rainy. Clouds covered the sun more often. So that the air humidity in Bali is higher than usual. So it is easier to attack a human flu in Bali.

The weather in July is a bit odd. Therefore, this month is typically dry season without rain. But nature shows different things. Not only very cold air, rain also sometimes occurs with very dense. Showers are difficult to predict. Weather conditions are unpredictable and erratic, and is different from the flu usually makes it easier to attack humans. It happened because the human body in Bali are not used to the cold with the sun covered by clouds.

Regulatory agency will weather in Bali warned of a wave that affect agriculture. But nature shows much different conditions. Heat wave did not happen, but what happens is that very cold air with erratic rainfall. Clouds covered the sun makes the air temperature in Bali is very cold, colder than usual in July last year. It gives the condition of the human body in Bali difficult to adapt to unpredictable weather and different from usual.

Not only man in Bali who get the impact of cold air with erratic rainfall. Also on residents' livestock more susceptible to disease. One of the most impacting livestock against current climate conditions is chicken. Many chickens be dead, due to extremely cold temperatures.

Bali residents mostly kept chickens as livestock. In July this year, many chickens die. The most visible is the chicks are very vulnerable to the illness. Many chicks die because they do not hold the temperature very wanted. So the chicks more susceptible to disease.

Farmers are also very concerned with the air temperature in the month of July. Agricultural plants more susceptible to disease. One of the most visible is the pepper plant. Many pepper plant pests aphids. Aphids are very common only during the winter in Bali. But this year the aphids more easily spread, because the cool temperatures with very high humidity.