Monday, July 7, 2014

July 9, 2014 is a day for the Indonesian presidential election

Party for democracy has been perceived by the citizens of Bali since last May. Conditions of residents continue to be felt tense ahead of presidential elections. Especially for the presidential election, the situation is rather heated. Because there are only two presidential candidates. Although the general security situation in Bali is very conducive. But every citizen within themselves there is little tension related differences and support options.

The presidential election took place on July 9, 2014 that will come. Currently, Indonesia is in a calm day. There is no advertising campaign and about the presidential candidates. Banners and billboards about the presidential candidates have also been in the clear. Each presidential candidate supporters and sympathizers are not allowed to speeches and invites residents to choose one presidential candidate.

Bali is one of the bases of political parties, namely the PDIP. This party brings presidential candidates Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla. The party became so dominant when delivering speeches and kapanye in Bali. Several small groups of people of different support, to be silent without sound. If they look different, the possibility for conflict. Although their conscience should say different things, but the sound recording was forced to say the same as those dominating in Bali.

Indonesian presidential election is the most warm and festive. Because there are only two pairs of candidates who have very good integrity. Indonesian citizens have high expectations for the president to be elected. Because Indonesia has long been the economic downturn and development. Although Indonesia has been independent, but still felt in the colonized society. Not physically, but economically Indonesia is still colonized by other nations. This condition certainly makes people continue to fall on the developing situation.

Indonesia is a large country with diverse ethnic, racial, and cultural. Indonesia's diverse citizens need the resolute and courageous leaders in making decisions and the right attitude that this country is in a situation conducive and safe. If this country is headed by a president who is weak and easily influenced by those who want to break the unity of the nation, it can not be ascertained Indonesian people eat as it has aspired founding ideals of this nation.

Bali as a province that has a very strong culture, requires a president who is able to support the continuity of culture and traditions that exist in Bali. Residents of Bali hoping to have a president who is not only concerned with economic growth, are also able to keep the culture and tradition that has been going on since the first.

Defined as an area of Bali province on high alert for security ahead of presidential elections July 9, 2014. Having said that, the police and the army will seek to ensure the presidential election took place safely and without interruption. Police stepped up security, including in a number of entrances to the island of Bali, on the sea lanes, air, and land. Increased security made tighter by deploying a number of personnel and amount of equipment supported.

Chief of Bali did not mention in detail the specific areas of the island that are considered vulnerable to security threats, ahead and after the election. All places in Bali categorized prone disturbances.