Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gebogan/Pajegan, fruits and snacks prepared for offerings in Bali

Pajegan / Gebogan we often encounter in the temple, in the path taken by the women. Pajegan / Gebogan is fruit and snacks are collated on a baking sheet, stacked in such a way that it becomes a pile of fruit and snacks neat and beautiful. Gebigan / Pajegan made for offerings to the gods at a temple ceremony. But there are also made for decoration and artistic creations.

It's easy to make Pajegan / gebogan as we often see in the temple. The materials to make Pajegan / gebogan are bananas (there should be, because the banana is a fruit that must exist in each offering), fruits, a variety of snacks, flowers, coconut, banana stems, sticks, and a pan as a place.

First of all, banana tree trunk in the shape resembling a big stick, but short, in put on a baking pan, try like any way, so this banana stem can stand firmly on a baking pan. Make sure the banana stem is not easily dropped or broken.

Place the bananas on the bottom. Then prick with a stick, so that the fruit does not split shifts. After taking the fruit, prick with a stick, then plug it into the shadow of the banana fruit. Do it on all the fruit, to the composition of the fruit reaches half a banana stem.

After arranging the fruit has reached half a banana stem, then stacking snack on a fruit arrangement. Same way to put fruit on banana stems, by putting the stick in the snack, the snack is attached to the stem of banana.

Arrange all the ingredients to form a tower. Adjust the height to your liking. After all neatly arranged, garnished with coconut leaf series that has been set up in such a way, that Pajegan / gebogan looks very neat and beautiful.