Saturday, July 12, 2014

First time traveling to Bali

If you have never traveled to Bali, especially for an Indonesian nationality, then it will not be satisfied. In fact, there is always a first experience for every place. If you are planning to travel to Bali for the first time, there are some practical tips on planning a tour in Bali.

How do I go to Bali? 

It is easy to choose modes of transportation to Bali. There are many ways to Bali. The easiest course to get on a plane. Promo tickets at cheap prices one-way has a lot to offer. All the airline had offered cheap tickets to Bali. Make sure you order it well in advance, even a year in advance to get cheap tickets.

When is the best time to go to Bali? 

Throughout the year is a good time to travel to Bali. Because Bali offers a variety of tourist attractions. In times of rain, you can just visit the museum and arts center. If you want to coast, sea, and mountain, then choose the dry seasons, or months with very low rainfall, between April and September.

In addition, you need to pay attention to high season and peak season. In this period, prices will rise, especially for airfare, car rental, and accommodation. The price increase could reach 25 percent. High season visit is June-August and November-January. Not only the price is rising, Bali will be crowded, and traffic jams occur everywhere. So you should be prepared for more jammed condition nets and more crowded tourist attraction.

Where do I stay? 

Typically, for the first time tourists to Bali will go directly to the area of South Bali. Because South Bali is the center of the tourist crowds in Bali.

Southern area is famous Kuta area. In Kuta there are many places of lodging. Adjust the budget that you have. If you are looking for cheap lodging under Rp 300,000 per night, you can look it up in the Neighborhood Gang Poppies (1 and 2), Three Brothers Road, Jalan Raya Tuban, Gang Puspa Ayu, until Jalan Sari Hyacinths. Go to the alleys of the main road as JalanRayaKuta, and JalanRayaTuban, then you will find a small hotel-style guesthouse is cheap.

Want more luxury? 

Luxury hotels can be found at Jalan Kartika Plaza, Jalan Legian and Jalan RayaKuta. The villas offer privacy that you can find in areas like Seminyak on Jalan Drupadi.

Means of transport in Bali?

In there are plenty of taxis. There are many means of public transportation in Bali, but they are not suitable for those of you who like the right time, and have the principle of time is money. For many facilities transpirtasi in Bali never considered punctuality.

Where do I eat? 

Want to expensive or cheap, want the typical local cuisine of Indonesia or foreign cuisine, all can be found in Bali. However, be careful if you are looking for kosher cuisine. Tuban area Highway and Jalan Teuku Umar including famous for a culinary tour of Indonesia and kosher food. In general, almost all areas in Bali, there are restaurants serving cuisine with a variety of tastes.