Monday, July 28, 2014

Barong and Rangda dance

Barong, for the Balinese is a form of a creature / animal mythology that symbolizes goodness. Barong form depends on the purpose of manufacture. There are seven types of Barong, in accordance with the function and appearance. Has a long and dense fur, made ​​from plant fibers. All face the Barong has fangs abstinence with bulging eyes, as if looking with a very sharp eyes. Assertive character very visible. In general, Barong in use and danced by two men, although there are types of barong mask worn by one person.

Rangda, the same as the Barong, is a form of mythological creatures, although some people with a sixth sense abilities, he once saw a manifestation of Rangda in the supernatural. Although many doubted its truth, but many also believe, that Rangda is a form of creatures of the supernatural. Rangda danced in many tourist places, in temples, in public stage show. Rangda is also the mascot for the Balinese art.

Barong and Rangda is sometimes danced together. This dance tells the nature of good and evil. Barong as a character for good, while the figures for crime as Rangda. Rangga backwardly Barong dance and entertainment and for another display. This dance is rarely in the title in the temple, because the temple area just for all the things that are good.

There is a show that is very popular in Bali and bring a Barong and Rangga. The show was named Drama Calonarang. This show has the feel of a very high magical. Sometimes the cast of the play will summon spirits, demons, and other supernatural powers, to have appeared in the show. At the end of the drama will be shown immune action. Rangda will be stabbed with a dagger, and demonstrate supernatural powers that protect the body of Rangda, so it can not be pierced by a dagger. Some people will also show their immunity. They stabbed himself with a dagger, but are not injured or dead.

Barong and Rangda have high magical shades. Dancer accompaniment perntujukan sometimes shows himself with a dagger stabbing action. Shows granted immunity from the figure of Rangda. Sometimes pertuntukan end, each character will show the dagger of iron is bent because it is not able to penetrate human skin yan been immune.