Friday, July 18, 2014

Bali dogs and rabies virus outbreaks

Bali dog

Bali dogs are threatened with extinction due to an outbreak of rabies virus. Rabies outbreak began attacking dogs in Bali since 2008. The epidemic is a threat to dogs and humans. Because rabies transmission can occur from dogs to humans, and can cause death. This threat will impact on Bali's dog population. 

Bali's dog population is very numerous and scattered throughout the island. It happened because the Balinese people make dogs as companions. Every house in Bali have at least one dog. Kept as a guard dog. With the expectation that the home can be protected from the threat of thieves and wild animals. In fact, some families have more than one dog. Many types of dogs that are kept local dogs. Because the local dogs are considered more aggressive, brave, loyal, although sometimes a bit stupid and docile. However, people only have a dog as a guard house, and rarely take good care.

Because too many people who have a dog, then a new problem arose. The problem is the growing number of dogs each year. Increase the number of dogs become uncontrollable, due to the number of births dogs from pet dogs owned by residents. Dogs owned by residents sometimes get together and intermarried. Resulting in proliferation between dogs. Dogs are pregnant and giving birth is not wanted by its owner. The puppies were born to be a burden for the owner. So they threw the puppy into the street, forests, fields, under bridges, and in places that are considered safe.

Discarded puppy owner grows by itself and become wild dogs that are not well wat. The wild dogs continues to grow each year. Stray dogs looking for food in a pile of garbage. Sometimes visiting homes to get food. The wild dogs are also many who inhabit schools, markets, shopping complex. They will gather at a crossroads when mating season arrives. So the development cycle of wild dogs occur.

Of the development cycle of the dog population impact on the increasing number of stray dogs. The increase in population led to the easy spread of rabies virus among dogs. So that the peak of the spread of rabies virus in Bali occurs when the dog population in Bali is very much, in the year 2008.

Prior to 2008, actually many Balinese people affected by rabies virus, and eventually die. However, due to an outbreak of rabies is not common in Bali, Bali residents not to worry. Until now spread rabieh peak in 2008 which impacted the increasing number of dog bites in humans. So many people are infected with rabies and eventually die. Since then the government establish Bali as the island with the largest number of rabies transmission in Indonesia.

Every effort has been made by the government to tackle the spread of rabies. One of the most extreme is to kill all stray dogs, and dogs are considered to be suffering from rabies. In addition, the government also vaccinate pet dogs owned by residents with rabies vaccine. With the expectation that these dogs have a natural immunity to ward off rabies virus transmission.

The problem arises, people become traumatized Bali with rabies. Balinese people are turning to dogs from the local dog races. Many people assume that dog breeds are more resistant disease. When in fact the same. Just a different way of treatment.

Because residents of Bali switch in choosing a dog, then the existence of a local dog continues in elimination by way of killing him. This has an impact on the local dog population continues to decrease. Good things happen to a reduced number of wild dogs, so the potential for carrying rabies virus can be suppressed. The bad thing is the existence of a local dog endangered.

The existence of Bali dogs must be maintained to avoid extinction. Bali dogs have become friends since the first. Do not let this dog as extinct Bali tiger extinct because of the number of humans in Bali.