Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bali Arts Festival 2014 was criticized by many people

Bali Arts Festival is held regularly every year has always been a concern to many people. Not only the people of Bali who enthusiastically participated in any art show, as well as artists who always pay attention to any developments of art displayed at the festival. Many gave positive ratings, many are giving criticism, and many also provide suggestions to improve the quality of performance in the future.

Criticism was given to the organizers of the Bali Arts Festival this year, especially to the Provincial Government of Bali as the organizer. Criticism delivered by the artists who are very critical to the continuation of the art.

Many people believe that the implementation of the Bali Arts Festival as a market. In the Art Center neighborhood too much food and drink vendors are not neatly arranged. The existence of the traders are very damaging views. Because of the presence of these traders had nothing to do with arts and performing arts held at Art Center area.

Contained in the exhibition area of ​​the Art Center, impressed only concerned with economic and business terms. Not impressed on sale for the art and craft artisans in Bali. Most of the exhibition is dominated by souvenir sellers, fabric and jewelry. Art artisans the opportunity to be defeated by the power of the merchants who have big capital to rent a booth at the Art Center area. These conditions become harsh criticism by the observer of art in Bali.

Bali Provincial Government as the organizer of the Bali Arts Festival quibble has made ​​every effort to rectify any shortcomings in the implementation of the Bali Arts Festival every year. Actually, from the beginning to the present organized, many advances and improvements made by the organizers, but it still feels monotonous impression annually. Not much has changed and repairs done.

Building Art Center also received criticism. Building Art Center since the first time rill built until now there is no rejuvenation. The building is old and fragile impressed. Stage many are already dirty and dusty. As if the government never perform maintenance and repairs on the corners of the building. The most severe seen in the toilet area. Many toilet facilities are damaged, poorly maintained toilet and dirty. Very disgusting.

Not only that, parking rates around the Art Center also complained of a visitor. Parking rates soared to five times the normal rate. Even the parking lot is not managed by the government. Parking management handed over to local people. This became an opportunity for the owners of the land around the Art Center, so they raise the parking rates to be very expensive.