Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bad weather, garbage piled up at Kuta Beach

This week, Kuta beach trash that get sent through the river and the sea, and washed up on the beach. Piles of trash piled along Kuta Beach, Kuta Badung. Most of the garbage is piling twigs of trees and tree frond kelapa.Sampah it comes from rivers around the coast. Such conditions are common when it rains.

The amount of waste that has accumulated over the two days continues to increase. If collected into a heap, the garbage can reach a height of up to five meters. The majority is organic waste. Many plastic and cans on the beach.

Such conditions are common in Kuta Beach. Every time it rains with heavy, then the garbage that was on the edge of the river will be washed away large. The rubbish was swept into the sea and washed up on the beach of Kuta. Jugakecepatan winds and large sea waves become more and more a factor of garbage on the beach.

This condition is debilitating travelers who vacation in Bali, Kuta making as their vacation destination. A few years ago, foreign media, the Times, said that Bali is an island of hell. Garbage everywhere. It is undeniable and certainly very embarrassing.

The government has not had a great effort to prevent this from happening pile of garbage at Kuta Beach. Not only in Kuta Beach trash buildup, also in Seminyak and Legian Beach.