Monday, July 28, 2014

Rangda! Long fangs, bulging eyes, long tongue, long hair, creepy

Rangda, although only a mask used by dancers in Bali, but this mask has such a very creepy. Although creepy, artistic value contained in the Rangda mask is very large.

Rangda mask is made ​​of wood, with a variety of decorations and carvings. Rangda is a fabled figure of mythology and developed only in Bali that has existed since time immemorial. Many people believe that the figure of Rangda is a supernatural creature which is not visible to the human eye, but its presence can be felt by people who have the ability to see supernatural creatures. Rangda even be a figure respected as ancestral spirits, despite having such a very creepy.

Temples in Bali using Rangda figure as the embodiment of ancestral spirits and deities. The Balinese believe, by performing certain rites and rituals, ancestral spirits in Bali can be improved derajadnya be a god who can keep mankind from bad things on this earth.

Rangda have bulging eyes and big. Eye mask like this makes the display look very firm. With a very long fangs, showing the ferocity of a mask. Canine very identical with a very wild animals. Rangda also has a long tongue sticking out. Its length can reach the stomach. Long tongues of fire that burns with ornaments, reminiscent of the figure of a dragon that breathed fire from his mouth. White hair and a long, unraveled until it reaches the ground. Nails in the hands of a very long adds fury to the figure of Rangda.

Rangda mask is made to order. Unlike other types of masks, mask of Rangda is not sold to the public. Because this mask has a magical element that is very high. Because since the beginning of creation, this mask through various ceremonies and sacred rituals. This mask is usually owned by a special dance group dancing figure of Rangda.

At the time before and after the Eid holidays, Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway crowded by people from Java

Eid holidays are the most joyous day for Moslem people in Indonesia. Because at the time of the Eid holiday, homecoming tradition will be carried out by the Javanese who migrated and working in a place away from their families. Homecoming is the tradition of the Javanese who until today still remain to be done. To maintain good relations with brothers and their families in Java.

Javanese people who are in Bali, mostly working in Denpasar and the surrounding region. Most of them come from Central Java and East Java. Ahead of the Eid holidays, they will leave Denpasar towards his birthplace in Java. The Javanese are located in Denpasar, if it wants to Java by land, they must go through the Denpasar-Gilimanuk Highway. Most of them using motorcycles for when heading to Java.

Usually Denpasar-Gilimanuk Highway will be filled by the travelers since the week before the Eid holiday. Since then, the line will be very crowded by people on motorbikes. Most of them come from the east to the west, of course, go to Gilimanuk, where the port of ship heading into Java. Because Denpasar-Gilimanuk Highway is the only road that connects Gilimanuk to Denpasar. There is no other alternative way faster and close.

When the Javanese through this path, the path will be very crowded, especially vehicles heading west. In this way very often a traffic accident ahead of Eid holidays. Most experienced by people who use motorcycles. From morning to night, the street is very crowded. If observed, this was a terrible way by the people who using motorcycles. Sometimes they use a very high speed. When such a condition of this road is not safe for traveling.

Not only ahead of the Eid holidays, when after the Eid holidays, Denpasar-Gilimanuk Highway is also very crowded by vehicles. After the Eid holidays Javanese usually have around, they will go back to Denpasar to work. When they returned to Denpasar and through this way, the road conditions will turn on the eve of Eid holidays. People who use the bike will come from west to east, from Gilimanuk to Denpasar. Just like the eve of Eid, the street is also very prone to traffic accidents.

Usually, on the eve of the Eid holidays, the police will provide security along Denpasar-Gilimanuk Highway. Police secured in any place that is prone to traffic accidents. The police will take care of any rider, and gives a warning if there are things that endanger motorists.

Barong and Rangda dance

Barong, for the Balinese is a form of a creature / animal mythology that symbolizes goodness. Barong form depends on the purpose of manufacture. There are seven types of Barong, in accordance with the function and appearance. Has a long and dense fur, made ​​from plant fibers. All face the Barong has fangs abstinence with bulging eyes, as if looking with a very sharp eyes. Assertive character very visible. In general, Barong in use and danced by two men, although there are types of barong mask worn by one person.

Rangda, the same as the Barong, is a form of mythological creatures, although some people with a sixth sense abilities, he once saw a manifestation of Rangda in the supernatural. Although many doubted its truth, but many also believe, that Rangda is a form of creatures of the supernatural. Rangda danced in many tourist places, in temples, in public stage show. Rangda is also the mascot for the Balinese art.

Barong and Rangda is sometimes danced together. This dance tells the nature of good and evil. Barong as a character for good, while the figures for crime as Rangda. Rangga backwardly Barong dance and entertainment and for another display. This dance is rarely in the title in the temple, because the temple area just for all the things that are good.

There is a show that is very popular in Bali and bring a Barong and Rangga. The show was named Drama Calonarang. This show has the feel of a very high magical. Sometimes the cast of the play will summon spirits, demons, and other supernatural powers, to have appeared in the show. At the end of the drama will be shown immune action. Rangda will be stabbed with a dagger, and demonstrate supernatural powers that protect the body of Rangda, so it can not be pierced by a dagger. Some people will also show their immunity. They stabbed himself with a dagger, but are not injured or dead.

Barong and Rangda have high magical shades. Dancer accompaniment perntujukan sometimes shows himself with a dagger stabbing action. Shows granted immunity from the figure of Rangda. Sometimes pertuntukan end, each character will show the dagger of iron is bent because it is not able to penetrate human skin yan been immune.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gebogan/Pajegan, fruits and snacks prepared for offerings in Bali

Pajegan / Gebogan we often encounter in the temple, in the path taken by the women. Pajegan / Gebogan is fruit and snacks are collated on a baking sheet, stacked in such a way that it becomes a pile of fruit and snacks neat and beautiful. Gebigan / Pajegan made for offerings to the gods at a temple ceremony. But there are also made for decoration and artistic creations.

It's easy to make Pajegan / gebogan as we often see in the temple. The materials to make Pajegan / gebogan are bananas (there should be, because the banana is a fruit that must exist in each offering), fruits, a variety of snacks, flowers, coconut, banana stems, sticks, and a pan as a place.

First of all, banana tree trunk in the shape resembling a big stick, but short, in put on a baking pan, try like any way, so this banana stem can stand firmly on a baking pan. Make sure the banana stem is not easily dropped or broken.

Place the bananas on the bottom. Then prick with a stick, so that the fruit does not split shifts. After taking the fruit, prick with a stick, then plug it into the shadow of the banana fruit. Do it on all the fruit, to the composition of the fruit reaches half a banana stem.

After arranging the fruit has reached half a banana stem, then stacking snack on a fruit arrangement. Same way to put fruit on banana stems, by putting the stick in the snack, the snack is attached to the stem of banana.

Arrange all the ingredients to form a tower. Adjust the height to your liking. After all neatly arranged, garnished with coconut leaf series that has been set up in such a way, that Pajegan / gebogan looks very neat and beautiful.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tapakan Ida Bhatara, creepy but fascinating

Tapakan Ida Bhatara is a manifestation of the deity, ancestral spirits, or the like are realized on a mask, and became a symbol for the way that will be worshiped by Hindus in Bali. Tapakan made shaped mask that can be imposed by a person, with the aim that when certain rituals in a temple, Tapakan can be easily found at a ceremony in a temple.

When I entered a temple in Bali, I see some form of creepy masks, it is tapakan, which become objects of very purified. This Tapakan shaped Rangda masks, with such a very creepy. Why a tapakan that will be adored having such a very creepy ?. I do not know why the tapakan made with creepy. But from the traditions and ethics taught by my grandmother and grandfather, that person is not by the name, stared, and said that no more polite in front of the master and respected. Because tapakan is the symbol for the deity / spirit of the ancestors, it was made very creepy, perhaps, so that anyone who saw the tapakan, can have respect and fear, so do not dare to do things that do not fit the norm.

There are several tapakan that I see in the temple. Almost all of them have such a very creepy. Have large eyes with a penetrating gaze, dengin very long fangs, and tongue sticking out, and very long, with the motive of a blazing fire. Tapakan was placed in a place that is quite high, with a cloth covering the top tapakan.

Each tapakan representing each deity / spirit ancestors. Each tapakan has a very strong energy. Not just anyone can be wearing the tapakan. Tapakan it is purified into civic pride around the temple.

During the conduct of the temple ceremony, sometimes every tapakan will be danced by a dancer. A dancer wore one tapakan. Despite having such a very creepy, it becomes very fascinating tapakan if combined with a dance and a variety of offerings.

When the Melasti ceremony, the day of Nyepi, the tapakan will be taken to the beach to be purified. All tapakan taken together with citizens in the Melasti ritual. The ocean is the last place the flow of all things bad and dirty. So every foundation on take it to the beach to get a spiritual cleansing ceremony.

Tapakan made very carefully and with meticulous calculations. Using the calculation of the Balinese calendar system. The wood used is that has dikayiki have good energy. Unlike the barong for staging and entertainment, tapakan is Kramat and sacred objects, so making must also carefully, in accordance with the rules and traditions that have been established.

Rangga has a form which is very creepy. Rangga form is not an imagination, but is the result of one's inner vision of the other world. Humans do not live alone in this world. Jin, ancestral spirits, deitys, and other energies that exist on this earth is a part of life that must be mutual respect. Tapakan many tangible resembles Rangda.

July 22, 2014, determining the winner of Indonesia's presidential election

Today, July 22, 2014, Indonesian General Election Commission will announce the elected president at 4.00 pm. Based on the results of the vote counting still their presidential candidate, presidential candidate for president of the numbers 2, Joko Widodo, getting the most votes. The election results are obtained Joko Widodo is about 51 percent, while the number 1 candidate getting about 48 percent of the election results. The results of the election has been recapitulated as much as 98 percent.

From the calculation results of the election results, it can be seen the winner is Joko Widodo. But presidential candidate number 1, Prabowo Subianto, rejected the results of the recapitulation. He considers that there is a lot of fraud must be checked, and expect a re-voting in some places.

Tenure of the current president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), will end his term in October 2014 that will come. So, after the SBY position ends, will most likely be replaced by Joko Widodo as president. President SBY has a lot to make improvements to the nation's economy. Economic growth has improved, and revenue is increasing every citizen.

President SBY will replace hopefully will be able to continue all the good things that have occurred in Indonesia today. Especially in the fields of security, because the people of Indonesia are very diverse require special handling, in order to avoid internal conflict that can harm the lives of all citizens of Indonesia.

In addition, economic growth must also be improved, so that the achievement of the welfare of all the people of Indonesia can be done well. Unemployment can be reduced, and poverty can be eliminated.

President-elect will be led Indonesia for five years. Leading 34 provinces and 511 regency and cities. Republic of Indonesia abbreviated RI or Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia, which is crossed by the equator, and are in between the continents of Asia and Australia, and between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, consisting of 13 466 islands. With a population of 260.000.000 in 2013, Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the world, and the most populous Muslim country in the world, around 230 million although it is not officially an Islamic state. Indonesia is a republic form of government, the House of Representatives, Regional Representatives Council and a directly elected president.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bad image of traditional markets in Bali

Traditional markets are markets that are traditional and are characterized by buyers and sellers to meet in person. The process of buying and selling is usually through a process of bargaining on the price, and the price given for an item is not a fixed price, in another sense still negotiable, it is very different to the modern market.

Generally, of traditional markets provide basic materials as well as family needs. Location of traditional markets can be in the open, or even the side of the road. Characteristic of traditional markets is the presence of the tents where sellers market their wares, and buyers who walked up and down to select and bid on items to be bought. The characteristics of traditional market is the buying and selling process through bargaining on the price, the goods are provided usually kitchens and family consumer goods, the price is relatively cheaper, open area and not refrigerated room.

The traditional markets for these, mostly, appear dirty, filthy, chaotic, smelly and so that is a bad stigma it has. However, until now in most places still have visitors or buyers who still shop in traditional markets. It can not be denied that many traditional markets in its development into a deserted, abandoned by visitors or buyers are turning to the modern market.

The stigma attached to traditional markets are generally motivated by the behavior of market traders, visitors or buyers and market managers. The behavior of market traders and visitors and visitors or buyers who are slowly and gradually negative can be repaired, even if takes a long time. Involvement of market managers in improving this behavior is a necessity.

Bad stigma on traditional markets, often resulting in the majority of the visitors are looking for another alternative shopping place, diverting them to the shop where street vendors and street vendors is relatively easy to reach. Even most of the visitors were classified in the lower middle-income segment upward inclined to switch to modern markets, such as supermarkets are usually more concerned with the cleanliness and comfort as the shift of the basic considerations shopping.

The traditional market is still the main container sales of the products produced by the basic needs of the economic operators of small scale, medium and micro. They are farmers, fishermen, artisans and cottage industries which is the livelihood of most people, and they rely on traditional markets. The traditional market has always been a national indicator in conjunction with the movement of the level of domestic price stability or inflation. In calculating price inflation of basic commodities sold in traditional markets such as rice, sugar, and other staples into nine object monitoring statisticians and government agencies each month.

Traditional markets also have a strategic role in enhancing income and employment, it is necessary efforts in order to increase the competitiveness of traditional markets is identical with a trade location slum, sembraut, dirty and a source of traffic congestion .

The image of traditional markets of the poor should have received considerable attention because in it related to the lives of many people. Settling into a traditional market place is positively posh shopping is a tough challenge and must diupayakanoleh all components, not just the government's job, but the task of society, market managers and traders also traditional to synergize remove the negative impression that traditional markets still exist in the midst of tight competition.

August 17, 2014, Indonesia's independence day

Every August 17, the people of Indonesia celebrate independence day. Because Indonesia proclaimed its independence on August 17, 1945 From that time until today, the Indonesian people always celebrate independence day with various activities and the party of the people.

Every August 17, the government has always held a ceremony to commemorate Indonesia's independence day. Ceremonies conducted throughout Indonesia. All local governments hold this ceremony. Usually done with a flag-raising ceremony.

Indonesian flag has red and white. The flag was hoisted during the ceremony of Independence Day on August 17. In a flag-raising ceremony, attended by all government officials, police, army, students from the basic level to the highest level. The purpose of involving all elements of the nation in a flag-raising ceremony is to evoke a sense of love for the nation early on. So that all citizens can know the process occurs Indonesian independence.

Before the day of independence on August 17, local governments usually hold competition involving students and government employees. The Competition is run in a neat and uniform in one group. The competition was conducted by the entire group of students from the basic to high. The purpose of this competition is to foster patriotism younger generation.

Usually after the Independence Day ceremony, organizers made a party of the people. The party of the people in the form of fun games. Many games can be followed by many people. Gifts were given very diverse. The goal is to deliver sara love and joy to the people, that the independence of Indonesia provide a better life and fun for Indonesian citizens.

Interestingly, a day before Indonesia's independence day celebrations, at GWK Bali, organized a music festival (EDM). This festival is Dreamfield Festival. The festival is held in GarudaWisnuKencana, which presents artists from various countries. Indirectly, this festival gives a great feel of freedom to the residents of Bali. Because the next day is the day of independence of Indonesia.

Although Indonesia has been independent, but there are still many Indonesian people are still alive depressed and poor. Many also feel that the nation is still colonized. Although not physically occupied, but its effects are not immediately felt by many people. Bang Indonesia was colonized economically.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Bali dogs and rabies virus outbreaks

Bali dog

Bali dogs are threatened with extinction due to an outbreak of rabies virus. Rabies outbreak began attacking dogs in Bali since 2008. The epidemic is a threat to dogs and humans. Because rabies transmission can occur from dogs to humans, and can cause death. This threat will impact on Bali's dog population. 

Bali's dog population is very numerous and scattered throughout the island. It happened because the Balinese people make dogs as companions. Every house in Bali have at least one dog. Kept as a guard dog. With the expectation that the home can be protected from the threat of thieves and wild animals. In fact, some families have more than one dog. Many types of dogs that are kept local dogs. Because the local dogs are considered more aggressive, brave, loyal, although sometimes a bit stupid and docile. However, people only have a dog as a guard house, and rarely take good care.

Because too many people who have a dog, then a new problem arose. The problem is the growing number of dogs each year. Increase the number of dogs become uncontrollable, due to the number of births dogs from pet dogs owned by residents. Dogs owned by residents sometimes get together and intermarried. Resulting in proliferation between dogs. Dogs are pregnant and giving birth is not wanted by its owner. The puppies were born to be a burden for the owner. So they threw the puppy into the street, forests, fields, under bridges, and in places that are considered safe.

Discarded puppy owner grows by itself and become wild dogs that are not well wat. The wild dogs continues to grow each year. Stray dogs looking for food in a pile of garbage. Sometimes visiting homes to get food. The wild dogs are also many who inhabit schools, markets, shopping complex. They will gather at a crossroads when mating season arrives. So the development cycle of wild dogs occur.

Of the development cycle of the dog population impact on the increasing number of stray dogs. The increase in population led to the easy spread of rabies virus among dogs. So that the peak of the spread of rabies virus in Bali occurs when the dog population in Bali is very much, in the year 2008.

Prior to 2008, actually many Balinese people affected by rabies virus, and eventually die. However, due to an outbreak of rabies is not common in Bali, Bali residents not to worry. Until now spread rabieh peak in 2008 which impacted the increasing number of dog bites in humans. So many people are infected with rabies and eventually die. Since then the government establish Bali as the island with the largest number of rabies transmission in Indonesia.

Every effort has been made by the government to tackle the spread of rabies. One of the most extreme is to kill all stray dogs, and dogs are considered to be suffering from rabies. In addition, the government also vaccinate pet dogs owned by residents with rabies vaccine. With the expectation that these dogs have a natural immunity to ward off rabies virus transmission.

The problem arises, people become traumatized Bali with rabies. Balinese people are turning to dogs from the local dog races. Many people assume that dog breeds are more resistant disease. When in fact the same. Just a different way of treatment.

Because residents of Bali switch in choosing a dog, then the existence of a local dog continues in elimination by way of killing him. This has an impact on the local dog population continues to decrease. Good things happen to a reduced number of wild dogs, so the potential for carrying rabies virus can be suppressed. The bad thing is the existence of a local dog endangered.

The existence of Bali dogs must be maintained to avoid extinction. Bali dogs have become friends since the first. Do not let this dog as extinct Bali tiger extinct because of the number of humans in Bali.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Waterbom waterpark was ranked first as the favorite in Asia

Water park in Bali awarded as the favorite water park in Asia. Waterbom Bali was ranked first as the favorite water park in Asia. In addition, Waterbom Bali also ranked fifth in the world. 

It's made Waterbom Bali as the only water park in Asia which are in the top 25 in the world. The award is given by the TripAdvisor travel sites to announce the winners "Travelers' Choice ™ for Amusement Parks and Water Parks" in the world.

In total there are 242 winners of this award, including the top 25 in the world. There is also a special list for Asia, Canada, China, Europe, India, South America, South Pacific, UK, and South America.

From Indonesia, another water park which also received the award include Waterbom Waterpark Circus Jakarta and Bali, with a rating of 6 and 8 in Asia.

The United States has 6 of the top 25 water park in the world. Meanwhile, in the list there are five water park comes from Brazil. These places offer a full amusement park to enjoy the water, including Beach Park in Aquiraz, Brazil in second place, and Blizzard Beach in Orlando, Florida in third place. In the first position is Siam Park in Adeje, Spain.

Travelers who are looking for outdoor entertainment could see the TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Amusement Parks and Water Parks. There is a wide choice of activities suitable for all ages in the gardens of the top ranking in the world.

Travellers' Choice Awards honor the top tourist spots in the world based on millions of reviews and opinions from TripAdvisor travelers. The winner of this award is determined by an algorithm that takes into account the quantity and quality of the reviews for the game parks and water parks in the world, within a period of 12 months

Kreneng Traditional Market Denpasar

Kreneng Traditional Market is a traditional market in the city of Denpasar, located in Cambodia Street, Denpasar. This market was built in 1983, consists of three floors. Kreneng traditional market is a market that mostly sell items of daily needs. 

Kreneng Traditional Market start open from 2:00 am. Since morning traders have started selling merchandise. Some started at 1:00 am, since the market opened this already congested by the supliyer and distributors that carry vegetables, fruits, rice, fish, meat, and others. The bustle in the morning by the traders, starting with arranging merchandise in the They have shanties. Therefore, starting at 4:00 am, the shoppers have already started to come to the market to buy all their needs.

By noon, the market began to quiet. If the sun is getting hot, the traders will close their stalls. Because the buyers have started to decrease. During the day, the buyers who come just looking for secondary purposes, such as knives, cloth, clothes, kitchen tools, and others. During the day the market is also a stopover for cars to public transport, taxis and small buses.

Prices of products sold in the traditional market of Kreneng, is very cheap. Generally, the products are sold in the city is more expensive than in the village, but in this market, all products are sold cheap, although this market at the center of the city. Therefore, the market is always crowded by the buyer. Almost everyone in Denpasar who want to look for basic needs at a low price, definitely go to the Kreneng Traditional Market.

Kreneng Traditional Market is one of the markets in Bali are open 24 hours. If in the morning until noon, the products sold in this market are vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, and other consumption needs, different time of the afternoon until night. When the afternoon until the evening, Kreneng Traditional Market turned into a night market, or better known as Pasarsenggol.

At night, in the Kreneng traditional market, merchandise sold is food, beverage, textile products, shoes. At night, this market is also very crowded by the buyer. The cheap price is the purpose of their shopping at the market. This traditional market is never by the buyer from the early morning until evening. Always busy 24 hours a day.

Kreneng traditional market is one of the traditional market is very unique. In addition to the morning market that sells various types of vegetables and other basic needs, while the night market will turn into a very crowded night market by buyers who are looking for clothing, food, and shoes. All day activities have never stopped by the merchants and shoppers. It is very setrategis makes this market very well known.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July, the flu season in Bali

Since the beginning of July 2014, the air temperature gets colder in Bali. Not only the cold, in the morning, the air in the area of ​​rice fields and mountains are very hazy. Cold in July is a common thing. Therefore, in July, the sun is in the north of the equator. Mean, the sun is at a position that is very far from the island of Bali. Bali getting so light and less heat than usual. That is why during July and August on the island of Bali where the air temperature is very cold.

When in July the flu more easily infect humans in Bali. When in July many residents of Bali are highly susceptible to colds and flu. Especially those with a very weak body condition. Flu is very common in Bali. In July this year the flu more easily occur due to weather conditions that tend cloudy and sometimes rainy. Clouds covered the sun more often. So that the air humidity in Bali is higher than usual. So it is easier to attack a human flu in Bali.

The weather in July is a bit odd. Therefore, this month is typically dry season without rain. But nature shows different things. Not only very cold air, rain also sometimes occurs with very dense. Showers are difficult to predict. Weather conditions are unpredictable and erratic, and is different from the flu usually makes it easier to attack humans. It happened because the human body in Bali are not used to the cold with the sun covered by clouds.

Regulatory agency will weather in Bali warned of a wave that affect agriculture. But nature shows much different conditions. Heat wave did not happen, but what happens is that very cold air with erratic rainfall. Clouds covered the sun makes the air temperature in Bali is very cold, colder than usual in July last year. It gives the condition of the human body in Bali difficult to adapt to unpredictable weather and different from usual.

Not only man in Bali who get the impact of cold air with erratic rainfall. Also on residents' livestock more susceptible to disease. One of the most impacting livestock against current climate conditions is chicken. Many chickens be dead, due to extremely cold temperatures.

Bali residents mostly kept chickens as livestock. In July this year, many chickens die. The most visible is the chicks are very vulnerable to the illness. Many chicks die because they do not hold the temperature very wanted. So the chicks more susceptible to disease.

Farmers are also very concerned with the air temperature in the month of July. Agricultural plants more susceptible to disease. One of the most visible is the pepper plant. Many pepper plant pests aphids. Aphids are very common only during the winter in Bali. But this year the aphids more easily spread, because the cool temperatures with very high humidity.

Traditional market in Bali

Traditional market in Bali

Traditional markets are always crowded market of people. If you want to find a place that is always visited by many people, then go to traditional markets. In this type of market there are a variety of staples that are sold by many merchants.

Traditional markets in Bali are huge numbers. In every district has at least one traditional market. Because, the traditional market is a market of agricultural produce citizens, and the citizens of the economy. As well as a place to get something. Without traditional markets it will be difficult to obtain citizen needs required.

Tardisional market is very different to the modern market. Sale and purchase transactions that occur in traditional markets, performed by bargaining system. Bargaining is becoming a very unique activity and can not be found in the modern market.

In traditional markets, prefer the sale of local products, local agricultural products, as well as local commodity. Without a traditional market, residents of Bali's economy may not be growing well. With emphasis on the principle of kinship, as well as a good social life factors, then the system of buying and selling price bargaining is a common thing without coercion, and without being harmed. 

Bargaining has been a tradition at every buying and selling in the traditional market. It is an art in the transaction. Typically, the bid is more like a woman. Men are reluctant to bid, because it was considered too troublesome. Women will buy goods that can be compromised. If a woman can bid in accordance with his will, then he is very happy and feel successful with his expectations, even after they had bought not so needed.

Whatever you need, all in traditional markets. In traditional markets, will usually supported by large stores and bus stations and other public transport. Therefore, traditional market located very strategically made ​​by the government. Local government is the main organizer of a traditional market. The bus station near the market made ​​with the aim that citizens can easily reach it. 

One of the weaknesses and shortcomings in traditional markets, and the most difficult to overcome is the problem of waste. Traditional market is very much of the waste. Waste generated per day very much. Because each market is not only garbage generated by the merchant, also the buyer.

Bali Arts Festival 2014 was criticized by many people

Bali Arts Festival is held regularly every year has always been a concern to many people. Not only the people of Bali who enthusiastically participated in any art show, as well as artists who always pay attention to any developments of art displayed at the festival. Many gave positive ratings, many are giving criticism, and many also provide suggestions to improve the quality of performance in the future.

Criticism was given to the organizers of the Bali Arts Festival this year, especially to the Provincial Government of Bali as the organizer. Criticism delivered by the artists who are very critical to the continuation of the art.

Many people believe that the implementation of the Bali Arts Festival as a market. In the Art Center neighborhood too much food and drink vendors are not neatly arranged. The existence of the traders are very damaging views. Because of the presence of these traders had nothing to do with arts and performing arts held at Art Center area.

Contained in the exhibition area of ​​the Art Center, impressed only concerned with economic and business terms. Not impressed on sale for the art and craft artisans in Bali. Most of the exhibition is dominated by souvenir sellers, fabric and jewelry. Art artisans the opportunity to be defeated by the power of the merchants who have big capital to rent a booth at the Art Center area. These conditions become harsh criticism by the observer of art in Bali.

Bali Provincial Government as the organizer of the Bali Arts Festival quibble has made ​​every effort to rectify any shortcomings in the implementation of the Bali Arts Festival every year. Actually, from the beginning to the present organized, many advances and improvements made by the organizers, but it still feels monotonous impression annually. Not much has changed and repairs done.

Building Art Center also received criticism. Building Art Center since the first time rill built until now there is no rejuvenation. The building is old and fragile impressed. Stage many are already dirty and dusty. As if the government never perform maintenance and repairs on the corners of the building. The most severe seen in the toilet area. Many toilet facilities are damaged, poorly maintained toilet and dirty. Very disgusting.

Not only that, parking rates around the Art Center also complained of a visitor. Parking rates soared to five times the normal rate. Even the parking lot is not managed by the government. Parking management handed over to local people. This became an opportunity for the owners of the land around the Art Center, so they raise the parking rates to be very expensive.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

First time traveling to Bali

If you have never traveled to Bali, especially for an Indonesian nationality, then it will not be satisfied. In fact, there is always a first experience for every place. If you are planning to travel to Bali for the first time, there are some practical tips on planning a tour in Bali.

How do I go to Bali? 

It is easy to choose modes of transportation to Bali. There are many ways to Bali. The easiest course to get on a plane. Promo tickets at cheap prices one-way has a lot to offer. All the airline had offered cheap tickets to Bali. Make sure you order it well in advance, even a year in advance to get cheap tickets.

When is the best time to go to Bali? 

Throughout the year is a good time to travel to Bali. Because Bali offers a variety of tourist attractions. In times of rain, you can just visit the museum and arts center. If you want to coast, sea, and mountain, then choose the dry seasons, or months with very low rainfall, between April and September.

In addition, you need to pay attention to high season and peak season. In this period, prices will rise, especially for airfare, car rental, and accommodation. The price increase could reach 25 percent. High season visit is June-August and November-January. Not only the price is rising, Bali will be crowded, and traffic jams occur everywhere. So you should be prepared for more jammed condition nets and more crowded tourist attraction.

Where do I stay? 

Typically, for the first time tourists to Bali will go directly to the area of South Bali. Because South Bali is the center of the tourist crowds in Bali.

Southern area is famous Kuta area. In Kuta there are many places of lodging. Adjust the budget that you have. If you are looking for cheap lodging under Rp 300,000 per night, you can look it up in the Neighborhood Gang Poppies (1 and 2), Three Brothers Road, Jalan Raya Tuban, Gang Puspa Ayu, until Jalan Sari Hyacinths. Go to the alleys of the main road as JalanRayaKuta, and JalanRayaTuban, then you will find a small hotel-style guesthouse is cheap.

Want more luxury? 

Luxury hotels can be found at Jalan Kartika Plaza, Jalan Legian and Jalan RayaKuta. The villas offer privacy that you can find in areas like Seminyak on Jalan Drupadi.

Means of transport in Bali?

In there are plenty of taxis. There are many means of public transportation in Bali, but they are not suitable for those of you who like the right time, and have the principle of time is money. For many facilities transpirtasi in Bali never considered punctuality.

Where do I eat? 

Want to expensive or cheap, want the typical local cuisine of Indonesia or foreign cuisine, all can be found in Bali. However, be careful if you are looking for kosher cuisine. Tuban area Highway and Jalan Teuku Umar including famous for a culinary tour of Indonesia and kosher food. In general, almost all areas in Bali, there are restaurants serving cuisine with a variety of tastes.

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 9, 2014 is a day for the Indonesian presidential election

Party for democracy has been perceived by the citizens of Bali since last May. Conditions of residents continue to be felt tense ahead of presidential elections. Especially for the presidential election, the situation is rather heated. Because there are only two presidential candidates. Although the general security situation in Bali is very conducive. But every citizen within themselves there is little tension related differences and support options.

The presidential election took place on July 9, 2014 that will come. Currently, Indonesia is in a calm day. There is no advertising campaign and about the presidential candidates. Banners and billboards about the presidential candidates have also been in the clear. Each presidential candidate supporters and sympathizers are not allowed to speeches and invites residents to choose one presidential candidate.

Bali is one of the bases of political parties, namely the PDIP. This party brings presidential candidates Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla. The party became so dominant when delivering speeches and kapanye in Bali. Several small groups of people of different support, to be silent without sound. If they look different, the possibility for conflict. Although their conscience should say different things, but the sound recording was forced to say the same as those dominating in Bali.

Indonesian presidential election is the most warm and festive. Because there are only two pairs of candidates who have very good integrity. Indonesian citizens have high expectations for the president to be elected. Because Indonesia has long been the economic downturn and development. Although Indonesia has been independent, but still felt in the colonized society. Not physically, but economically Indonesia is still colonized by other nations. This condition certainly makes people continue to fall on the developing situation.

Indonesia is a large country with diverse ethnic, racial, and cultural. Indonesia's diverse citizens need the resolute and courageous leaders in making decisions and the right attitude that this country is in a situation conducive and safe. If this country is headed by a president who is weak and easily influenced by those who want to break the unity of the nation, it can not be ascertained Indonesian people eat as it has aspired founding ideals of this nation.

Bali as a province that has a very strong culture, requires a president who is able to support the continuity of culture and traditions that exist in Bali. Residents of Bali hoping to have a president who is not only concerned with economic growth, are also able to keep the culture and tradition that has been going on since the first.

Defined as an area of Bali province on high alert for security ahead of presidential elections July 9, 2014. Having said that, the police and the army will seek to ensure the presidential election took place safely and without interruption. Police stepped up security, including in a number of entrances to the island of Bali, on the sea lanes, air, and land. Increased security made tighter by deploying a number of personnel and amount of equipment supported.

Chief of Bali did not mention in detail the specific areas of the island that are considered vulnerable to security threats, ahead and after the election. All places in Bali categorized prone disturbances.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

An Australian citizen hanged himself in his home

An Australian citizen was found hanged at a house in the area Dalung, Badung, Bali, on Saturday, July 5, 2014. Rick Thomas Michael (34) was found hanging by his wife, Restu Wilujeng, at 06:39 o'clock am, at the back of his house.
According to the witness who is the wife of the victim, for being in therapy in psychiatry in Denpasar, due to the depressed long enough before getting married. Victims everyday just play surfing. with his wife and a son rented a house for two years in the Dalung.
From the results of identification found no signs of violence on the victim's body, and found writing on a book apologies and love for children, his wife, and his mother is in English. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ships laden heavy trucks sank in the Strait of Bali

Car carrier and large trucks, PancarIndah, sank in the Strait of Bali, Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at around 21:40 pm. There were no casualties in the incident. The ship was loaded with five tronton and eleven trucks. The number of driver and conductor is 26 people.

Shipwreck was initially departed from the Port of Ketapang at 21:00 pm. When the strong winds and high waves in the Strait of Bali. At 21:40 pm, officers received a report that the port inspectors shipwreck within a radius of 150 meters from Gilimanuk.

Vessel sinks are common in Bali Strait. Peraian in Strait was known to be vicious, strong currents and strong, with high waves during bad weather. To pass through the Strait of Bali, the captain of the ship must have a high experience. There are special techniques for through the sea. If any of the ship can sink. Because right in the middle of the sea between Bali and Java, two ocean currents combined, so that large waves can occur at any time. In the middle of the sea is also sometimes happens that a terrible whirlpool.

According to the watchdog port, the weather in the Strait of Bali on Wednesday (2/7), evening, rather extreme because of relatively high sea waves on the beach, but on Thursday, the weather had improved and pedestrian path that connects Java to Bali to run normally.

The evacuation process lasted until early this morning, and for evacuation ship goods still coordinated with the port authorities. Lines crossing at the Port of Ketapang towards Gilimanuk or otherwise remained normal, because the location of the sinking of the freighter does not interfere with the flow of traffic in the Strait of Bali.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bad weather, garbage piled up at Kuta Beach

This week, Kuta beach trash that get sent through the river and the sea, and washed up on the beach. Piles of trash piled along Kuta Beach, Kuta Badung. Most of the garbage is piling twigs of trees and tree frond kelapa.Sampah it comes from rivers around the coast. Such conditions are common when it rains.

The amount of waste that has accumulated over the two days continues to increase. If collected into a heap, the garbage can reach a height of up to five meters. The majority is organic waste. Many plastic and cans on the beach.

Such conditions are common in Kuta Beach. Every time it rains with heavy, then the garbage that was on the edge of the river will be washed away large. The rubbish was swept into the sea and washed up on the beach of Kuta. Jugakecepatan winds and large sea waves become more and more a factor of garbage on the beach.

This condition is debilitating travelers who vacation in Bali, Kuta making as their vacation destination. A few years ago, foreign media, the Times, said that Bali is an island of hell. Garbage everywhere. It is undeniable and certainly very embarrassing.

The government has not had a great effort to prevent this from happening pile of garbage at Kuta Beach. Not only in Kuta Beach trash buildup, also in Seminyak and Legian Beach.

Why Bali is a favorite tourist destination?

Bali is a tourist destination of foreign countries. Every year the number of tourist arrivals continue to rise. Even the millions of tourists every year. What caused Bali has always been a favorite place to travel? 

1. Bali have a myriad of uniqueness. 

Bali is an island that is very unique. The island is very small, but has a lot of natural beauty that is hard to find anywhere. Not only the natural beauty, the uniqueness of religion is also the main attraction. Religion in Bali is the most widely embraced by citizens are Hindu. But Hindus in Bali is very different from the Hindu's in India and other country. Hindus in Bali grow and develop customize a culture, and become one with nature in Bali. This is what makes Bali so unique and different from those in other places.

In addition to religion, art that flourished in Bali is also very unique. The dance is magical, the music sounds very strange, but if it can be heard hypnotize anyone to always want to hear it. The combination of music and dance that is very dynamic, a tourist attraction to be able to learn more about the arts in Bali.

Culture is very integrated with nature, making Bali an example in the concept of living in harmony with nature. Tri Hita Karana is the most well-known concept. This concept is an example that creates harmony with the universe.

There are many unique about Bali that can not be mentioned. Increasingly trying to dig uniqueness in Bali, the more it gets. Of course, the uniqueness of Bali became a tourist attraction that makes Bali so admired.

2. Bali is the center of the universe 

If you're in of Bali, then you will be enchanted by the natural beauty, unique terraced rice fields, sunagi, beaches, sea, mountains, lakes. Whatever you want to find all available in Bali. Looking mountains, looking for sea, looking for the best hotels, look for the best restaurants, shopping, exercise, fly kites, climbing, all in of Bali.

If you are in of Bali, you should have to believe in what is believed by local residents. Almost no one questioned the belief of Balinese people. of Bali is the center of the universe, healing and meditation, spirit, sacrificial rituals and festive ceremony. of Bali is a destination for surfers, divers, climbers, search the meaning and the meaning of life. Between the Monkey Forest, rice, and about 1000 temples, there is actually a symbolic center of the universe. Mount Agung is the highest mountain in of Bali, is a volcano is still active, but silent with no sign of going broke. Meanwhile, many volcanoes erupted around the island of Bali. It is a miracle that is hard to say.

3. All natural potential to become one

The food made by Balinese people derived from nature. For Balinese people, all of which are non-toxic plants can be used as food. Seasoning of various spices, spicy food is the hallmark of Balinese people. Chilli, ginger and galangal, kencur, turmeric and lemongrass, pepper, lemon juice, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, fish or vegetables, all food can be spicy but delicious, with a unique mix of strange spice. Banana tree, from the leaves to the tubers and fruits, can be changed by the Balinese into a delicious meal. Balinese people are very creative in making food. Everything in nature is a potential that was never imagined by anyone. But Balinese people were able to do so.

4. Bali is the island of gods 

Bali has thousands of temples with different functions to each temple. Temple made for the worship of God and the deities, and the ancestors that may affect human life. Sacrifice, ritual colorful with a variety of offerings, unique cremation ceremony with the feel of excitement, self-cleaning ritual, birth, marriage, death, all in the dressing in a sacred ritual that is very touching.

5. Holidays with full meaning and tranquility 

Bali has hundreds of places to learn yoga, a river with clean water, beaches and sunsets, the sound of crickets at night illuminated with light from coconut oil. Since the airing of the movie starring Julia Roberts, Eat Pray Love, since known an astrologer and healer who lived in Ubud, Ketut Liyer, since then the journey of spiritual travel to Bali to be a trend that continues to grow. Ketut Liyer is not a liar. Capabilities such as Ketut Liyer very much in Bali. Many people in Bali have the ability to predict and miraculously healed. But only Ketut Liyer famous for being on a movie character.

6. Massagers girl, and best spa. 

Spa tradition by using a variety of natural materials known to those of Bali since hundreds of years ago. Now, being part of the spa tourism. Traditional Balinese Spa traded in the hotel and spa services. In Balinese massage by the girl, with a softer touch and soothing. Traditional Balinese spa travel trend that should be attempted by anyone who is in Bali.

7. Best hotel in the world 

Bali has many five-star hotel with the best service. The best hotel in the world in Bali. Combined with the hospitality of the hotel maid who is a local resident. Everyone knows, the people of Bali are very friendly and very open with anyone. When you stay at a hotel in Bali, you will feel right at home. Smile and greet is the familiar is passed by the Balinese. This alloy into a hotel in Bali has a different feel with friendly service owned by a waitress from the local residents.

8. Strategically close 

Strategic position of the island of Bali in Indonesia. Indonesia has the amazing potential of nature tourism. From Bali we can go all the potential of tourism in Indonesia. By means of transportation support, tourists can go to other places in Indonesia dream.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Presidential candidate, Prabowo Subianto, wearing udheng during the campaign in Denpasar

Udheng (udeng/destar/male headband) is the symbol for the male Balinese people. Udeng also the result of a culture that has been established since hundreds of years. Official guests who come to Bali, will be welcomed and given udeng to wear.

A few weeks ago, presidential candidate number 2, Joko Widodo, while campaigning in Bali, he wore udheng provided by sympathizers. Wearing udheng is a form of tribute to the people of Bali. Because udheng is part of the culture of the people of Bali.

Not only presidential candidate number 2, number 1 candidate for president, while campaigning in Denpasar, Bali, also wearing udheng. Udheng worn white, the color white is a symbol of purity and sincerity. Therefore, investigators who welcomed the presidential candidates give undheng, so that people feel respected and chose Bali as president.

In the presidential campaign number 1, he promised, if he is elected president, he will always be present at the opening ceremony of the Bali Arts Festival is held regularly every year. Bali Arts Festival is a platform to show the entire creative arts in Bali.

Not only worn by the presidential candidates, udheng also worn by vice presidential candidate number 1 during the campaign in Bali a few weeks ago. This attitude is very well appreciated by the people of Bali, and is a very great honor for the people of Bali.

Udheng often defined as a religious symbol by some people who do not understand the culture. Many people assume that udheng only worn by the Hindu religion. Indeed udheng is the result of the development of culture in Bali. Anyone can wear a udheng without hindu religion.