Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Six foreign ambassadors in the arts of Bali Arts Festival (PKB) 2014 XXXVI

In the implementation of the Bali Arts Festival (PKB/Pesta Kesenian Bali) XXXVI 2014 this year, there will be six arts ambassadors from foreign countries who participated in this festival. Six ambassadors of the art is Bonni Simoa, MFA Dance Professor, Lane Community College Dance, Eugene Lane Community College Eugene USA, Emiko Pengosekan Ubud, Sekar Jaya Group USA, Sanggar Wiyarihita collaborate with Mekar Sari Dusun Lodsema Mawang Ubud Gianyar, Kevin Van Break Amsterdam Belanda, Dance performances from Japanese dancer and Studio Oka's Gandapura Denpasar, and ambassador of the arts of the Indian Consulate.

Many of the expectations of the people of Bali that Bali Arts Festival (PKB/Pesta Kesenian Bali) is not monotonous like in previous years. It is inevitable, monotonous impression always felt in every organization of the Bali Arts Festival. That's because the packaging is not good and impressed only provides benefits to a group of people who do business in this festival.

The most regrettable thing a lot of people is the number of traders from outside Bali that dominates. They sell products that are not included in the category of crafts and arts. In addition, the number of merchandise sold is not the crafts people of Bali. Merchandise not characterize the life of the Balinese people.

In addition, food and beverage vendors are not a native Balinese food dominated at this festival. Impression that Bali has been dominated by migrants is very visible here. Balinese people as unable to compete in his own house.

Therefore, proper planning and clearly must be done by the organizers. Bali Arts Festival organizers are Bali Provincial Government. The firmness of the government and good arrangement is necessary for this festival does not appear dirty and monotonous.

Submission to the performing arts will be held also impressed not optimal. Lack of promotion of the performing arts that will have an impact on viewers who watched at least staging art. So it was thought that one of art displayed is not favored by residents. The real fact people do not know about art to be staged.