Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sadistic murder with mutilation occurs in Klungkung

Villagers Gembalan, Seelat, Klungkung, Bali, were surprised by the discovery of human body parts. Pieces such as the head and buttocks, wrapped in black plastic bags in a local resident's garden.

Parts of the human body was first discovered by a man, Kadek Sutrisna (29), a resident of the plantation owner, living in Gembalan, Klungkung. Originally he came to the garden to wrap jackfruit. On arriving at the jackfruit tree, he found a black package with a fairly pungent odor. He pounded the package, opened it, he was shocked when he saw turned out to be a human head covered in blood.

After the discovery that, then Sutrisna preach these findings to other residents, before reporting to the police. Residents of Gembalan village, Nyoman Widya, heard dogs barking around 1:00 am. Dogs are noisy like fighting something.

Klungkung police received reports from residents, immediately do if the crime scene, as well as securing the location by installing a police line. In place of this discovery, the police opened the parcel findings that human pieces, was in poor condition, ears, nose and mouth have been cut and destroyed, eyes is gone. Also cut the hair with uneven, like a knife. Even some parts of her scalp was also peeling. There is also the buttocks down and skinned. Both body parts are then taken to Klungkung Hospital, for autopsy.

Police used a bloodhound, to track other body pieces. Sniffer dogs could do a search with a radius of 200 square meters but found no other body parts. The head that was found in pieces and destroyed allegedly to remove traces. Police suspect there are other pieces in the waste elsewhere or other areas.

Very violent, the offender also skinning the victim's body. It is based on the findings at the scene of a number of pieces of the other limb. Police found human body parts other pieces in Rendang district Karangasem regency. Location findings were in a ravine near a garden owned by local residents.

Three bodies found pieces such as pieces of the legs, arms, and chest frame. From the examination of the three parts of the human body, is known to have no meat. Allegations, if actors desperate to remove traces of skinning victims and complicate the identification process.

Until now, police are still working hard to unravel the case, by forming a joint special teams. So far, police have not been able to uncover the identity of the victims and perpetrators of the murder with mutilation mode.