Sunday, June 1, 2014

Property development in Bali uncontrolled

The development of the tourism industry in Bali impact on population growth. Population growth is rapidly increasing in Bali is not because the number of births is increasing, but the population of migrants from outside Bali that leverage the development of the tourism industry to get a job. These conditions have an impact on the housing needs of an increasingly growing. Thus the need for housing in Bali is increasing.

Housing needs is a common problem in developing countries where population density continues to increase. These conditions become great opportunities by property developers to build housing that can help meet the needs of housing by the residents.

But bad things happen in Bali. Because the rate of population growth is rapidly increasing, as well as factors in the development of Bali's tourism industry, impact on the high price of land and property in Bali. These conditions become good opportunity for property developers to do business in Bali.

Ironically, the development and increase the number of residential property is not appropriate and in line with the number of permanent residents in Bali. The rate of increase in the amount of housing in Bali is much more rapid than the rate of population increase. Developers only see the advantages of residential development, as well as buyers who purchase a home only to berinfestasi. So the house is not purchased for occupancy.

Uncontrolled property development, impact on the reduction in the number of rice fields in Bali. Therefore, most of the construction of the property using the wetland. Villas, apartments, cheap housing, shops, to hotels, mostly using wetland. Whereas needs are not in accordance with the rate of population and economy. This resulted in an increasing number of housing idle because no one is buying. Developers only make the house without taking into account population growth.

Very weak oversight of local government, as well as the corrupt behavior of government officials is a major factor of the rate of growth of property in Bali uncontrolled. Developers do everything they can to avoid regulation. Developers are entrepreneurs who are always trying to get his wish to do business property in Bali can be realized. Meanwhile, the corrupt nature of government officials is a big gap by the developer in order to escape regulation.

If the supervision is done by the government, and the rule of law and regulation in the run, there will be no productive agricultural land which are concatenated into a residential area. As well, there will be no building property is abandoned because no one is buying. The government should take into account the increase in the number of residents with property in Bali.

Subak organization is the victim of the development of the tourism industry. Surely not the tourism industry does not give a positive impact on the preservation of the customs and culture of Bali. The tourism industry benefits only a few people at the expense of culture, nature, customs, and religion on the island.