Monday, June 30, 2014

Pelebon (cremation) last Empress of Klungkung

Bade (where the bodies which will diremasi) used in the cremation ceremony (Ngaaben) for Consort of King of Klungkung, IdaDewaAgungIstriPutra, has a height of 28 meters, with 11 levels, weighing more than 6 tons. Pelebon took place on June 29, 2014.

Bade for the consort of the last King of Klungkung, IdaDewaAgungIstriPutra was taken by 350 people headed to the cemetery to be cremated, with one round, with a distance of 100 meters from the residence of King of Klungkung. The total cremation ceremony involving 6500 people. One man carries a load of about 25 to 26 pounds.

Since 1965, there has never been a procession of cremation or PelebonAgung using NagaBanda. Bade is made of wood, bamboo, styrofoam, and other accessories such as paper and umbrellas.

Thousands of people accompanied the funeral in Klungkung (pelebon) is. Thousands of residents not only from the local area, also outside Klungkung, such as Denpasar, Gianyar and Buleleng, to witness one of the magnificent and rare ritual events. Possible ritual like this is the last one. Because there is no longer a new king of Klungkung.