Thursday, June 26, 2014

Opinion: Benoa Bay Reclamation, very useful for the people of Bali

Benoa Bay Reclamation Plan conveyed by the Provincial Government of Bali, I Made Pastika as the governor, have been rejected by various parties in Bali. Rejection not only from activists, environmentalists, rejection also come from the artists, singers, students. Many of them think, that it contains elements of political denial. Because denial of Benoa Bay Reclamation began since the election campaign the Governor of Bali.

Many people do not know and do not know about reclamation. Reclamation can provide positive and negative impacts. Depending on situais and conditions and the surrounding natural environment. Indeed, reclamation aims to improve the condition of damaged nature caused by various factors. The goal is for the reclamation of degraded land can be beneficial to human life, and can provide economic value to the people around him.

In Bali, the reclamation plan will be done in Benoa Bay. This area is very shallow sea area, with mangrove forests in the coastal area. Benoa Bay is a swamp area with mud at the bottom of the water. Mangrove forests around Benoa Bay including in the protected area, and a nature reserve managed by the Provincial Government of Bali.

The government's plan to reclaim Benoa Bay, would not sacrifice a very protected mangrove forest. Mangrove forest areas will remain awake, will be maintained even if there is a reclaimed island. In the reclaimed island will be built accommodation facilities and educational facilities. For Development of accommodation facilities and education, will provide huge employment opportunities for the people of Bali. An estimated there will be about 20,000 new jobs from new island results of reclamation in Benoa Bay. Accommodation facilities in the wake can also attract international tourists to come to Bali and spend money in Bali.

There will be no environment is destroyed, as in talked about the impact of reclamation. Who refuse reclamation actually do not understand about the plan and the positive impact that produced. Those who reject the reclamation influenced by political groups who want to drop the image of the Governor of Bali. At Benoa Bay reclamation masterplan, that no part of the mangrove forests in the sacrifice. Making new island in the waters do not have the ecosystem that must be maintained seriously.

Everyone knows, Benoa Bay is a large anchored ships, and cruise ships from various countries. Port of Benoa Bay have polluted the environment around. Oil spills pollute the sea around the bay. A lot of garbage piled up in the mangrove forests that are difficult to clean by officers. So the mangrove forest area looks very neglected and not well wat.

If Benoa Bay reclamation has been done, cleanliness in Benoa Bay area will be considered by the government, even by the new owners of the accommodation on the island. Therefore, if the reclaimed area contaminated by the oil spill, and there is a lot of garbage that float, then there will be people who want to visit and stay in the island reclaimed.

Bali island is very small, but has a very large population, and continues to grow every year. Development of accommodation facilities and tourism infrastructure can not be done at another, particularly in the area of South of Bali. The benefits are extensive reclamation for Bali island will increase, as well as tax revenue for the government will also increase, employment also increased

So, Benoa bay reclamation can provide great benefits for residents of Bali, as well as the surrounding environment. Rejection is done by some groups of people about the destruction of mangrove forests reclaimed if Benoa Bay was incompatible with the master plan of reclamation. Bali Provincial Government would have to take into account both the impacts that will result from reclamation.

We all hope, semoag Benoa Bay reclamation plan does not deviate from the master plan that has been known by the public.