Saturday, June 21, 2014

Benoa Bay reclamation plan

Reclamation is the process of creating new land from the sea or river bottom. Draining swamps for agriculture is an example of the form of habitat destruction. In some areas of the world, new reclamation projects are restricted or no longer allowed, because there is a bond of environmental protection laws.

Since the end of 2012, it has been rumored that there is a plan of the provincial government of Bali to reclaiming the Benoa Bay. Benoa Bay is a mangrove forest areas that are not taken care of by the government. Reclamation is done with a reason to prevent a tsunami can and add new jobs for residents of Bali. Reclamation plan gets rejection of environmental activists and a group of residents of Bali. The rejection also came from residents stay in wi around the bay, which works as a fisherman and fishing around the bay.

Many people believe that the rejection of Benoa Bay reclamation is politically motivated, to impose candidates for Governor at the time, when the election of the Governor of Bali. Whereas before voters governor, already discussed reclamation plan by the legislature. No one resisted and condemned. Since the campaign progresses, the discourse of reclamation and re-emerged into the conversation for the people of Bali. Since then a lot of rejection in the convey of various elements of the citizens. Even the security conditions in Bali was not stable since the governor's election campaign, which is accompanied by rejection of reclamation.

Bali Provincial Government has reasonable grounds related to the reclamation plan in Benoa Bay. The government argued that the mangrove forests around the bay is not taken care of well, a lot of trash around the swamp. If reclaimed, the mangrove forests are not maintained will become a new recreational area with accommodation facilities. Then will come new jobs for residents. The government argued that reclamation can also help prevent bad can of tsunama.

A few months after the election of the governor of Bali completed. All the news, discourse, opinion, support and rejection is no longer heard. As if reclamation was never discussed by the citizens. But this time the news of the rejection reclamation re-emerged, since the central government through a Presidential Decree issued a letter in connection with reclamation in Benoa Bay, protests the rejection re-emerged. Bali residents who refused to rule the president to revoke the decision.

Related rejection Benoa Bay reclamation plan is not only conveyed by the residents of Bali, also delivered by local artists and musicians, even many artists who refuse. Some foreign tourists in Bali also had expressed rejection.

Regardless of the outcome, should be the goal of reclamation can provide a positive impact for the citizens, do not rule out the safety aspects of the environment and preserve nature. Reclamation should not only look at in terms of profit and financial. Also have to look at in terms of benefits and environmental impact will occur after the reclamation is done.