Saturday, June 21, 2014

Balinese people have always put "canang sari" in front of the store

Canang sari

Canang sari is the means used by the people of Bali while praying. Canang sari addendums also a form of gratitude to God for all the gifts that are given. That's why we always see canang sari where we are in Bali. Because canang sari are the basic components that must exist in every worship by Hindus in Bali. 

Canang sari made from leaves and flowers in such a way that in order to make it look beautiful. Why are beautifully made, because all that is offered to God must be a good thing, comes from a sincere heart and sincere.

Canang sari is the basis of all the offerings are made. Without canang sari then any offerings will have no meaning to sacrifice. Because canang sari have meaning, and symbols are very large. 

Canang sari meaning is symbolic of Dewata Nawa Sanga. Dewata Nawa Sanga are nine gods who controlled the nine directions of the compass. This is evident from the colorful flowers in such a way in order canang sari. The color of each flower representing each god on every wind charcoal eyes.

People who do not have the money to make large offerings, can use only canang sari to pray. Great offerings with a variety of fruit and snacks, if not included therein canang sari, then offering it will not have any meaning. Because the basic symbol an offering not exist. 

Canang sari also means sincerity someone when praying. In addition to praying with prayer, should also include offerings that means great sacrifice form. Because all require sacrifice, also in prayer. Since he is the epitome of our sincerity to God.

Canang sari

Canang sari