Monday, June 23, 2014

Background of Benoa Bay reclamation plan

Evolving development characterized by population growth, urbanization and migration, as well as a shift in land use that causes land conversion is increasing every year. The occurrence of such land use change due to various factors including: the implementation of spatial inconsistent, weak control, and public awareness in keeping the spatial plan is still low. Progress requires change. This is a change that must be our thinking together.

Bali is geographically very narrow, continue to experience a reduction in conversion of agricultural land as a result of the construction progress. For that, we have to think about a breakthrough in the efforts to maintain the development of our tourism development in line with the sustainable agriculture as a breath of Balinese culture. The concept of cultural tourism which is an icon of tourism in Bali, we can not develop simply by relying on what is and what we have today. Required various breakthroughs in the development of tourism programs, which still supports the preservation of nature and culture, according slogan "Tourism to Bali".

On the other hand, some of the beaches on the island of Bali is a disaster-prone areas, especially the tsunami disaster. Becomes our duty to take steps to anticipate and mitigate the disaster. In line with the progress of development in the area of southern Bali, the excessive exploitation of nature and the environment, must be balanced with efforts to conserve the environment.

Chosen Benoa Bay reclamation plan in the region, given the conditions in the waters, one of which is the existence of Pudut Island, are so critically endangered that one of them due to global climate change.

The purpose of Benoa Bay area utilization, among others, to reduce the impact of natural disasters and the impact of global climate, as well as dealing damage to coastal beaches. Benoa Bay development plan policy is to increase competitiveness in the field of tourism destinations by creating a new tourism icons by applying the concept of green development, as disaster mitigation efforts, particularly the danger of a tsunami. Reclamation will increase the land area and forest area for the island, which is certainly highly prospective for the progress and welfare of the people of Bali, if managed appropriately, wise and sensible.

I realize also that the effects will appear if the plan can be realized, among other environmental problems, discomfort during the process of development, congestion, and some other problems, which of course in his final assessment we will see later, how big the losses.

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