Tuesday, June 10, 2014

About rabies, in 2014 there were thousands of cases of people bitten by dogs in Bali

The island of Bali has become a hotbed for the rabies virus. It happened because a lot of people of Bali who keep dogs. The dog is an animal carrier of rabies, and became the highest animal transmitting rabies to humans. Dogs are man's best friend. For Balinese people, the dog is a faithful companion. Therefore, almost all the houses in Bali have a dog.

Cases of rabies in Bali is very high. Many deaths caused by rabies virus. In the year 2014, from January to March 2014, there were 18507 cases of dog bites to people. It was recorded cases. There may be many unrecorded cases, thus becoming an iceberg phenomenon. That looks very little, but that is not seen very much, up to three times.

The number of deaths from rabies in Bali each year has declined. That is because awareness of Bali to maintain the health of dogs owned. Alertness government also plays a major role in the decreased the number of deaths due to rabies. The government made every effort to prevent the spread of rabies virus. Kiepada vaccination of stray dogs is one of the efforts that have been made. Socialization to residents about rabies and dog bites are also handling the large berpengarus on public awareness in Bali.

In the 2014's there was one people died of rabies caused by dog bites. Hopefully the number of deaths from rabies has not increased. Deaths from rabies is one bad image to the survival of tourism in Bali, as well as the reputation of Bali as the island is clean with the people who stay fit.

The dog is a friend of Balinese people. Without dogs then life will feel lonely. Therefore it is very necessary to educate people in order to avoid cases of rabies that has always been a nightmare for the people of Bali. Dog health a priority now that most people who keep dogs.

Trend keeping dogs in Bali has now changed. Many residents of Bali now choosing dog breeds than the local dog. Dog races are considered better and resistant to disease. Actually it's not entirely true.

Awareness of Bali on handling dog bite is also getting better. That means government programs and efforts that have been taken by the government to run properly. All delivered according to plan.