Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2014 World Cup atmosphere in Bali

The World Cup has always been the scene that awaited by many people, also for the people of Bali. The excitement of the 2014 World Cup is not only felt by the citizens of Brazil, as the host organizers, but also felt by residents of Bali, especially for men who really like football.

Football is a sport that is very popular in Bali. Therefore, the excitement of the World Cup is perceived. People put up flags for each country supports. Although Indonesia did not participate in the 2014 World Cup, but the country is considered to be a strong support and was able to win the game.

2014 World Cup will also be a gamble for most people who high fanatical against a team pride. Gambling football game is commonly performed and has become a tradition in Bali. Every game becomes the arena of betting money. From children to adults participated in this gambling.

The excitement of the 2014 World Cup is also an opportunity to open a business area. Confection made ​​clothes every team to be sold to football fans. Profitable business, as the demand for football clothes very much. Every person who has a fanatical support against a team definitely buy a shirt.

The flag makers also greatly benefited. Because people like to put a flag in Bali to support their team. As if in Bali is an island with many countries while the World Cup event in progress. Indeed the government prohibits put flags in front of the house, in addition to the flag of Indonesia. But because it has the intent and purpose to support a football team, the government can understand.

Many cafes and bars to install large television, and invite the people who love to watch a football game together. Originally cafe and bar is only open until midnight, but because of the World Cup took place early morning in Indonesia, the cafes and bars open until morning.

Adverse effects world cup match which was broadcast by a television station in the early hours is a lot of people should stay up to watch a football game. As a result, people become sleepy in the morning. Productivity of the people who stay up late into decline when they work. They become tired and fall asleep at work.