Monday, June 30, 2014

Pelebon (cremation) last Empress of Klungkung

Bade (where the bodies which will diremasi) used in the cremation ceremony (Ngaaben) for Consort of King of Klungkung, IdaDewaAgungIstriPutra, has a height of 28 meters, with 11 levels, weighing more than 6 tons. Pelebon took place on June 29, 2014.

Bade for the consort of the last King of Klungkung, IdaDewaAgungIstriPutra was taken by 350 people headed to the cemetery to be cremated, with one round, with a distance of 100 meters from the residence of King of Klungkung. The total cremation ceremony involving 6500 people. One man carries a load of about 25 to 26 pounds.

Since 1965, there has never been a procession of cremation or PelebonAgung using NagaBanda. Bade is made of wood, bamboo, styrofoam, and other accessories such as paper and umbrellas.

Thousands of people accompanied the funeral in Klungkung (pelebon) is. Thousands of residents not only from the local area, also outside Klungkung, such as Denpasar, Gianyar and Buleleng, to witness one of the magnificent and rare ritual events. Possible ritual like this is the last one. Because there is no longer a new king of Klungkung.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Opinion: Benoa Bay Reclamation, very useful for the people of Bali

Benoa Bay Reclamation Plan conveyed by the Provincial Government of Bali, I Made Pastika as the governor, have been rejected by various parties in Bali. Rejection not only from activists, environmentalists, rejection also come from the artists, singers, students. Many of them think, that it contains elements of political denial. Because denial of Benoa Bay Reclamation began since the election campaign the Governor of Bali.

Many people do not know and do not know about reclamation. Reclamation can provide positive and negative impacts. Depending on situais and conditions and the surrounding natural environment. Indeed, reclamation aims to improve the condition of damaged nature caused by various factors. The goal is for the reclamation of degraded land can be beneficial to human life, and can provide economic value to the people around him.

In Bali, the reclamation plan will be done in Benoa Bay. This area is very shallow sea area, with mangrove forests in the coastal area. Benoa Bay is a swamp area with mud at the bottom of the water. Mangrove forests around Benoa Bay including in the protected area, and a nature reserve managed by the Provincial Government of Bali.

The government's plan to reclaim Benoa Bay, would not sacrifice a very protected mangrove forest. Mangrove forest areas will remain awake, will be maintained even if there is a reclaimed island. In the reclaimed island will be built accommodation facilities and educational facilities. For Development of accommodation facilities and education, will provide huge employment opportunities for the people of Bali. An estimated there will be about 20,000 new jobs from new island results of reclamation in Benoa Bay. Accommodation facilities in the wake can also attract international tourists to come to Bali and spend money in Bali.

There will be no environment is destroyed, as in talked about the impact of reclamation. Who refuse reclamation actually do not understand about the plan and the positive impact that produced. Those who reject the reclamation influenced by political groups who want to drop the image of the Governor of Bali. At Benoa Bay reclamation masterplan, that no part of the mangrove forests in the sacrifice. Making new island in the waters do not have the ecosystem that must be maintained seriously.

Everyone knows, Benoa Bay is a large anchored ships, and cruise ships from various countries. Port of Benoa Bay have polluted the environment around. Oil spills pollute the sea around the bay. A lot of garbage piled up in the mangrove forests that are difficult to clean by officers. So the mangrove forest area looks very neglected and not well wat.

If Benoa Bay reclamation has been done, cleanliness in Benoa Bay area will be considered by the government, even by the new owners of the accommodation on the island. Therefore, if the reclaimed area contaminated by the oil spill, and there is a lot of garbage that float, then there will be people who want to visit and stay in the island reclaimed.

Bali island is very small, but has a very large population, and continues to grow every year. Development of accommodation facilities and tourism infrastructure can not be done at another, particularly in the area of South of Bali. The benefits are extensive reclamation for Bali island will increase, as well as tax revenue for the government will also increase, employment also increased

So, Benoa bay reclamation can provide great benefits for residents of Bali, as well as the surrounding environment. Rejection is done by some groups of people about the destruction of mangrove forests reclaimed if Benoa Bay was incompatible with the master plan of reclamation. Bali Provincial Government would have to take into account both the impacts that will result from reclamation.

We all hope, semoag Benoa Bay reclamation plan does not deviate from the master plan that has been known by the public.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Benoa Bay Reclamation for the future

Management of the territorial waters of Benoa Bay area of 838 hectares, according to the plan still have to wait for the final study, the majority of them, or about 438 hectares of mangrove forests will be built. While about 300 ha constructed public facilities like art centers, craft fairs buildings, sports arenas, places of worship, schools, etc., and only a small portion, or about 100 hectares built tourism accommodation. The region as well as a buffer region of southern Bali, which was developed to be based on the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana.

In the development of future development, reclamation and the presence of a new island, has the advantage of Bali, as follows:

1. Geographically, the island will grow wider. The new island built by investors in the region will belong to Bali, belongs to the people of Bali. Similarly, our forest, mangrove forests in particular, will increase. The existence of a very extensive mangrove forests in the region, will greatly protect coastal areas from erosion due to the threat of global climate, including the Bali protect from tsunami.

2. In terms of employment, the construction of tourism accommodation and public facilities will provide employment opportunities for the people of Bali in the next 5 to 10 years. It is estimated that approximately 200,000 new jobs will be available in this area. Currently the total labor force, especially college graduates, continues to grow. While employment stagnated, because it depends on the condition and development of tourism are very vulnerable to security conditions, and other social conditions.

For example, when the discussion was held, lasting Udayana University graduation ceremony. At that time more than 900 graduate students, from diploma to post-graduate level. Maybe some of it is already working, while others become unemployed. Not to mention college graduates and other private land in Bali which amounted to about 40 pieces, which graduated hundreds of students every year, there are even college graduations carry two to three times a year. Can be calculated how many college graduates are unemployed potentially increasing every year. Similarly, high school graduate / vocational school who do not go on to college, they are a potential labor force is not necessarily all of them get a job. Our unemployment rate in Bali today is the best in the country, but it does not guarantee the years to come to survive, if we do not seek to set up a new job as possible. Furthermore in 2015 we will be part of the ASEAN Single Community, in line with the implementation of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). In the past, workers from abroad will come to Bali to compete for jobs in all areas, ranging from the manager, the driver, to the janitors. The existence of new jobs would be helpful job competition for the local workforce Bali. Similarly, the dancers and artists Arts vocational school graduates, as well as arts college, will have ample opportunity to perform with the construction of art center and new tourism accommodation.

3. In supporting the development of tourism, the presence of reclaimed island will become a new tourist destination. The concept of cultural tourism absolute implemented in build and develop the area and tourist attraction in the region. Saturation of foreign tourists over the attractions and sights that exist today, shall be anticipated for 5 to 10 years into the future. We hope our culture towards quality tourism tourism, tourists coming in the sense that it is a shopping and sightseeing in Bali. On the other hand, we must not turn a blind eye to the progress of tourism experienced by neighboring countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. We should not be ashamed to learn of their progress. Not to mention other areas in the country are being intensively build its tourism, starting from the closest that Banyuwangi and NTB, until the development of the Raja Ampat Islands, which is very obsessed defeat the progress of tourism in Bali. Regions that are already in Bali, very difficult to develop given the narrowness of the land. Therefore, the area of the new island will be easily developed, including through the diversification of programs and cultural attractions. The craftsmen we have supplied the exhibition and promotion arena. The artists, humanists and sekaa-sekaa existing art, art center will be prepared and other art stages, so it will encourage the preservation of our cultural arts.

Quoted and translated from:

Background of Benoa Bay reclamation plan

Evolving development characterized by population growth, urbanization and migration, as well as a shift in land use that causes land conversion is increasing every year. The occurrence of such land use change due to various factors including: the implementation of spatial inconsistent, weak control, and public awareness in keeping the spatial plan is still low. Progress requires change. This is a change that must be our thinking together.

Bali is geographically very narrow, continue to experience a reduction in conversion of agricultural land as a result of the construction progress. For that, we have to think about a breakthrough in the efforts to maintain the development of our tourism development in line with the sustainable agriculture as a breath of Balinese culture. The concept of cultural tourism which is an icon of tourism in Bali, we can not develop simply by relying on what is and what we have today. Required various breakthroughs in the development of tourism programs, which still supports the preservation of nature and culture, according slogan "Tourism to Bali".

On the other hand, some of the beaches on the island of Bali is a disaster-prone areas, especially the tsunami disaster. Becomes our duty to take steps to anticipate and mitigate the disaster. In line with the progress of development in the area of southern Bali, the excessive exploitation of nature and the environment, must be balanced with efforts to conserve the environment.

Chosen Benoa Bay reclamation plan in the region, given the conditions in the waters, one of which is the existence of Pudut Island, are so critically endangered that one of them due to global climate change.

The purpose of Benoa Bay area utilization, among others, to reduce the impact of natural disasters and the impact of global climate, as well as dealing damage to coastal beaches. Benoa Bay development plan policy is to increase competitiveness in the field of tourism destinations by creating a new tourism icons by applying the concept of green development, as disaster mitigation efforts, particularly the danger of a tsunami. Reclamation will increase the land area and forest area for the island, which is certainly highly prospective for the progress and welfare of the people of Bali, if managed appropriately, wise and sensible.

I realize also that the effects will appear if the plan can be realized, among other environmental problems, discomfort during the process of development, congestion, and some other problems, which of course in his final assessment we will see later, how big the losses.

Quoted and translated from:

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bali volcano: Mount Batur

Mount Batur is an active volcano in the district of Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia. With an altitude of 1,717 meters, Mount Batur is one of the active volcanoes in Bali, in addition to Mount Agung. This mountain has a large caldera, and is considered one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. The caldera was formed after two large eruptions 29300 and 20150 years ago.

Mount Batur is located in the area of Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali. The volcano has erupted 26 times since 1804. Biggest eruption was in 1926 that damaged and destroyed all the villages around it. The last eruption occurred in 2000, but not a big eruption, so it does not cause destruction to the area around Mount Batur.

Volcano in Bali
Galungan and Kuningan 2014 in Bali
Bali volcano: Mount Agung
Karangasem regency

September 2012, the caldera of Mount Batur in Bangli Regency, Bali, entered in the Global Geopark Network (GGN), UNESCO. It is a very lucrative tourism industry in Bali. Because it does not directly raise the image and popularity of tourist attractions in Bali.

Tourists can climb the mountain to see the large and spectacular caldera. Many tourists who climb Mount Batur in the early morning to see the beautiful sunrise. Panoramic sunrise views over Mount Batur is one of the best in the world by Lonely Planet website.

Because Mount Batur Global Geopark Network entered into UNESCO, the name is now a Batur Global Geopark. Although the dry landscape, tourists can climb the mountain to see the caldera, or just wait sunrise.

Cultural tourism is contained in the region of Mount Batur is Trunyan. In the north of the village of Trunyan, there is a grave that is very unique and different in general. The body will be buried is not buried and covered with soil, or burned, but put under the tree after the elaborate funeral ceremonies. Burial place is filled with the bones, and so we can find a corpse that was still new.

If you see Mount Batur from the plane, then the mountain and surrounding shelf would look black, as if showing that the trees in the mountain burned with fire. But apparently this color came from the black expanse of rocks on the surface of the mountain. The black color that makes Mount Batur looks amazing.

The volcano has a vast lake, namely Lake Batur. Lake Batur is the crescent-shaped is in the caldera of Mount Batur which has a length of about 7.5 km, width 2.5 km, circumference about 22 km and covers approximately 16 km2. To get to the edge of the lake, visitors will descend a steep hill, rocky and sandy Kedisan to get to the village located on the shores of the lake. On the western edge of Lake Batur Toyobungkah that there are natural hot springs used for bathing because it is believed to cure skin diseases.

For some people in Jembrana, Tajen (Balinese cock fighting) is a routine

Balinese cock fighting (Tajen) is still mostly done by people in Jembrana. In some areas in Bali, cock fighting is no longer done for fear of being arrested by the police. Unlike the case in Jembrana, cock fighting is still done, but done in secret, with the location to move. The goal is to not be readily known by the police. If known by the police, then they will be arrested and jailed. Because of an unlawful activity.

In Jembrana, there are many groups of people who hold a fighting cock with uncertain locations. Gambling activity is conducted in a location that is difficult to know. They are held in god, in the middle of the estate, around the swamp. So the location is not erratic. Who knows the location of cock fighting only those who are used to do so.

Every day, every evening, there is always a cock fighting activities in Jembrana. Not only in one place, also in different places of vast quantities. The gambling activities as has become routine for a group of people. Routine in the afternoon, the chicken fight gambling. The morning of the chicken owner, will take care of the chicken, while the evening before, they will be pitted chicken cock fighting them in place by staking some money.

A lot of money is at stake in this gambling. In fact they are willing to sell the land and homes in order to continue to gamble. That is why the government banned gambling of cock fighting. Because of the negative impact that caused so many. Sometimes these gambling activities can damage family harmony. The most visible is cock fighting someone who gamble can be poor and suffering.

Balinese cock match has become routine. They are just looking for the thrill of the moment to forget the defeat they had suffered. Defeat which eliminates a lot of money they forget. Only pleasure that they take into account. Ironically, they even risked all their possessions to carry out this activity. Gambling that led to misery.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

HP 7 VoiceTab use the code name of Bali

Hewlett Packard (HP) has launched a smart phone products, phablet with the code name HP 7 VoiceTab in Nusa Dua, Bali. Interestingly, HP's flagship phablet are named according to the first place of its release, "Bali."

Reasons for using the name of Bali, that HP would like to give a personal feel of the products, to customers in Indonesia. HP 7 VoiceTab made through market research according to the needs of Indonesian consumers. so HP 7 VoiceTab reflect most of the people of Indonesia.

Bali is considered to represent Indonesia with beautiful nature and culture. While in Indonesia, the device has the code name "Bali," but in the international market, the device was still called by the name of HP 7 VoiceTab.

HP 7 VoiceTab claimed by HP as a result of research that has been done by HP Indonesia. According to HP, consumers in Indonesia requires a device with the right size and easy to carry anywhere, connectivity and value for money.

The three main reasons that are made by HP as a strategy to enter the mobile market in Indonesia.

Benoa Bay reclamation plan

Reclamation is the process of creating new land from the sea or river bottom. Draining swamps for agriculture is an example of the form of habitat destruction. In some areas of the world, new reclamation projects are restricted or no longer allowed, because there is a bond of environmental protection laws.

Since the end of 2012, it has been rumored that there is a plan of the provincial government of Bali to reclaiming the Benoa Bay. Benoa Bay is a mangrove forest areas that are not taken care of by the government. Reclamation is done with a reason to prevent a tsunami can and add new jobs for residents of Bali. Reclamation plan gets rejection of environmental activists and a group of residents of Bali. The rejection also came from residents stay in wi around the bay, which works as a fisherman and fishing around the bay.

Many people believe that the rejection of Benoa Bay reclamation is politically motivated, to impose candidates for Governor at the time, when the election of the Governor of Bali. Whereas before voters governor, already discussed reclamation plan by the legislature. No one resisted and condemned. Since the campaign progresses, the discourse of reclamation and re-emerged into the conversation for the people of Bali. Since then a lot of rejection in the convey of various elements of the citizens. Even the security conditions in Bali was not stable since the governor's election campaign, which is accompanied by rejection of reclamation.

Bali Provincial Government has reasonable grounds related to the reclamation plan in Benoa Bay. The government argued that the mangrove forests around the bay is not taken care of well, a lot of trash around the swamp. If reclaimed, the mangrove forests are not maintained will become a new recreational area with accommodation facilities. Then will come new jobs for residents. The government argued that reclamation can also help prevent bad can of tsunama.

A few months after the election of the governor of Bali completed. All the news, discourse, opinion, support and rejection is no longer heard. As if reclamation was never discussed by the citizens. But this time the news of the rejection reclamation re-emerged, since the central government through a Presidential Decree issued a letter in connection with reclamation in Benoa Bay, protests the rejection re-emerged. Bali residents who refused to rule the president to revoke the decision.

Related rejection Benoa Bay reclamation plan is not only conveyed by the residents of Bali, also delivered by local artists and musicians, even many artists who refuse. Some foreign tourists in Bali also had expressed rejection.

Regardless of the outcome, should be the goal of reclamation can provide a positive impact for the citizens, do not rule out the safety aspects of the environment and preserve nature. Reclamation should not only look at in terms of profit and financial. Also have to look at in terms of benefits and environmental impact will occur after the reclamation is done.

Balinese people have always put "canang sari" in front of the store

Canang sari

Canang sari is the means used by the people of Bali while praying. Canang sari addendums also a form of gratitude to God for all the gifts that are given. That's why we always see canang sari where we are in Bali. Because canang sari are the basic components that must exist in every worship by Hindus in Bali. 

Canang sari made from leaves and flowers in such a way that in order to make it look beautiful. Why are beautifully made, because all that is offered to God must be a good thing, comes from a sincere heart and sincere.

Canang sari is the basis of all the offerings are made. Without canang sari then any offerings will have no meaning to sacrifice. Because canang sari have meaning, and symbols are very large. 

Canang sari meaning is symbolic of Dewata Nawa Sanga. Dewata Nawa Sanga are nine gods who controlled the nine directions of the compass. This is evident from the colorful flowers in such a way in order canang sari. The color of each flower representing each god on every wind charcoal eyes.

People who do not have the money to make large offerings, can use only canang sari to pray. Great offerings with a variety of fruit and snacks, if not included therein canang sari, then offering it will not have any meaning. Because the basic symbol an offering not exist. 

Canang sari also means sincerity someone when praying. In addition to praying with prayer, should also include offerings that means great sacrifice form. Because all require sacrifice, also in prayer. Since he is the epitome of our sincerity to God.

Canang sari

Canang sari

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sadistic murder with mutilation occurs in Klungkung

Villagers Gembalan, Seelat, Klungkung, Bali, were surprised by the discovery of human body parts. Pieces such as the head and buttocks, wrapped in black plastic bags in a local resident's garden.

Parts of the human body was first discovered by a man, Kadek Sutrisna (29), a resident of the plantation owner, living in Gembalan, Klungkung. Originally he came to the garden to wrap jackfruit. On arriving at the jackfruit tree, he found a black package with a fairly pungent odor. He pounded the package, opened it, he was shocked when he saw turned out to be a human head covered in blood.

After the discovery that, then Sutrisna preach these findings to other residents, before reporting to the police. Residents of Gembalan village, Nyoman Widya, heard dogs barking around 1:00 am. Dogs are noisy like fighting something.

Klungkung police received reports from residents, immediately do if the crime scene, as well as securing the location by installing a police line. In place of this discovery, the police opened the parcel findings that human pieces, was in poor condition, ears, nose and mouth have been cut and destroyed, eyes is gone. Also cut the hair with uneven, like a knife. Even some parts of her scalp was also peeling. There is also the buttocks down and skinned. Both body parts are then taken to Klungkung Hospital, for autopsy.

Police used a bloodhound, to track other body pieces. Sniffer dogs could do a search with a radius of 200 square meters but found no other body parts. The head that was found in pieces and destroyed allegedly to remove traces. Police suspect there are other pieces in the waste elsewhere or other areas.

Very violent, the offender also skinning the victim's body. It is based on the findings at the scene of a number of pieces of the other limb. Police found human body parts other pieces in Rendang district Karangasem regency. Location findings were in a ravine near a garden owned by local residents.

Three bodies found pieces such as pieces of the legs, arms, and chest frame. From the examination of the three parts of the human body, is known to have no meat. Allegations, if actors desperate to remove traces of skinning victims and complicate the identification process.

Until now, police are still working hard to unravel the case, by forming a joint special teams. So far, police have not been able to uncover the identity of the victims and perpetrators of the murder with mutilation mode.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2014 World Cup atmosphere in Bali

The World Cup has always been the scene that awaited by many people, also for the people of Bali. The excitement of the 2014 World Cup is not only felt by the citizens of Brazil, as the host organizers, but also felt by residents of Bali, especially for men who really like football.

Football is a sport that is very popular in Bali. Therefore, the excitement of the World Cup is perceived. People put up flags for each country supports. Although Indonesia did not participate in the 2014 World Cup, but the country is considered to be a strong support and was able to win the game.

2014 World Cup will also be a gamble for most people who high fanatical against a team pride. Gambling football game is commonly performed and has become a tradition in Bali. Every game becomes the arena of betting money. From children to adults participated in this gambling.

The excitement of the 2014 World Cup is also an opportunity to open a business area. Confection made ​​clothes every team to be sold to football fans. Profitable business, as the demand for football clothes very much. Every person who has a fanatical support against a team definitely buy a shirt.

The flag makers also greatly benefited. Because people like to put a flag in Bali to support their team. As if in Bali is an island with many countries while the World Cup event in progress. Indeed the government prohibits put flags in front of the house, in addition to the flag of Indonesia. But because it has the intent and purpose to support a football team, the government can understand.

Many cafes and bars to install large television, and invite the people who love to watch a football game together. Originally cafe and bar is only open until midnight, but because of the World Cup took place early morning in Indonesia, the cafes and bars open until morning.

Adverse effects world cup match which was broadcast by a television station in the early hours is a lot of people should stay up to watch a football game. As a result, people become sleepy in the morning. Productivity of the people who stay up late into decline when they work. They become tired and fall asleep at work.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bali volcano: Mount Agung

Mount Agung

Mount Agung, volcano in Bali

Mount Agung is an active volcano that was sleeping. This is the highest mountain in Bali. Being in the District of Rendang, Karangasem regency, Bali, with an altitude of 3,142 meters above sea level. This mountain is the highest point in Bali. Mount Agung greatly influence the climate and the condition of the air in Bali.

Bali volcano: Mount Agung
Why is Mount Agung affect climate and air condition in Bali? It happened because most of the wind blowing from the west and south of the mountain. Prevailing winds carry clouds that contain lots of water vapor. Water vapor from the sea in South Bali. Water vapor is carried by the wind to the east and north hindered by Mount Agung. So clouds containing water vapor collected and stacked on the mountain and into the rain.

Because clouds containing water vapor into rain has fallen and Mount Agung, making the air in the east and north of the mountain becomes dry without clouds and water vapor. Therefore, the region of East Bali and North Bali, soil conditions are very dry and barren. The trees are very difficult to grow here. Rain is very rare.

Due to infrequent rains, people living in the North and East region suffered with drought. Agricultural land unproductive. So that their life is very poor and difficult to get clean water to drink.

Although it is a volcano is still active, but around the mountain there are many people who live permanently with a permanent home. They do not fear the threat of volcanic eruption. They sure if they still do rituals and maintain the natural conditions around the mountain. If all is well preserved the Mount Agung will not erupt.

Besakih Temple in Mount Agung, volcano in Bali
Mount Agung began erupting last time in 1963. Eruptions eject lava anneal heat, flowing to the north. Volcanic eruptions also eject dust flying into the air. Many houses were destroyed. Bali vibrate because of the eruption. Many Balinese people panic.

Disaster mitigation systems in the area of Mount Agung is still weak, the local government is not ready to rejuvenate and optimize the mitigation system. Meanwhile, many settlements in the mountain region. While this mountain could erupt at any time. Ironically, the local people do not know anything about this system.

Around Mount Agung there are two very famous temple and consecrated by the people of Bali. Besakih Temple and Pasar Agung Temple are two temples located in the mountain. Besakih Temple is the biggest temple in Bali and highly purified.

Pasar Agung Temple in Mount Agung, volcano in Bali
To climb Mount Agung is not easy. Mount Agung highly purified by residents of Bali. Balinese people strongly believe that the mountain is the abode of ancestral spirits. Therefore, the climbers must comply with all applicable rules to be able to climb this volcano. There are two paths that can be traversed in climbing this mountain, the path is a path in Besakih Tempel and Pasar Agung Temple.

If the through lane at Besakih Temple, the climbers will reach the highest peak of Mount Agung with about 5 to 6 hours, with the distance of 3142 meters. If the through lane at Pasar Agung Temple, takes about 3 to 5 hours, with a distance of 2850 meters.

Update on Bali volcano, Mount Agung, has shown signs of eruption in September 2017. But back then Mount Agung was back about. Signs of eruption in September 2017 are known from the smoke bunches that emerge from the top of the mountain, as well as earthquakes that occur very often up to hundreds of times a day. At that time residents around the mountain must evacuate to a radius of 12 km. But by mid-October 2017, the volcano was calm again and residents could return home.

Mount Agung erupted again on Saturday, November 25, 2017, 5:30 pm. The eruption was clearly visible with a cloud of big and dark smoke. When the night is clearly visible red light at the top of the mountain. The red light is the lava that meets the crater at the top of the mountain.

At the time of eruption, the ash rains occur. Airports in Bali and Lombok are closed to avoid accidents caused by air around Bali filled with volcanic ash. Many tourists stuck at the airport can not go home by plane.

In some rivers with upstream on Mount Agung experiencing severe floods with cold lava. The cold lava flood in the river resulted in many dead fish. Rice fields that rely on river water menjasi damaged. Many rice plants die.

When the volcano in Bali erupts on November 25, 2017, residents living around the mountain must evacuate. The local government implements a disaster response day until December 10, 2017. Residents still in danger zone are not allowed to return to their homes despite the calm condition of the mountain.

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Six foreign ambassadors in the arts of Bali Arts Festival (PKB) 2014 XXXVI

In the implementation of the Bali Arts Festival (PKB/Pesta Kesenian Bali) XXXVI 2014 this year, there will be six arts ambassadors from foreign countries who participated in this festival. Six ambassadors of the art is Bonni Simoa, MFA Dance Professor, Lane Community College Dance, Eugene Lane Community College Eugene USA, Emiko Pengosekan Ubud, Sekar Jaya Group USA, Sanggar Wiyarihita collaborate with Mekar Sari Dusun Lodsema Mawang Ubud Gianyar, Kevin Van Break Amsterdam Belanda, Dance performances from Japanese dancer and Studio Oka's Gandapura Denpasar, and ambassador of the arts of the Indian Consulate.

Many of the expectations of the people of Bali that Bali Arts Festival (PKB/Pesta Kesenian Bali) is not monotonous like in previous years. It is inevitable, monotonous impression always felt in every organization of the Bali Arts Festival. That's because the packaging is not good and impressed only provides benefits to a group of people who do business in this festival.

The most regrettable thing a lot of people is the number of traders from outside Bali that dominates. They sell products that are not included in the category of crafts and arts. In addition, the number of merchandise sold is not the crafts people of Bali. Merchandise not characterize the life of the Balinese people.

In addition, food and beverage vendors are not a native Balinese food dominated at this festival. Impression that Bali has been dominated by migrants is very visible here. Balinese people as unable to compete in his own house.

Therefore, proper planning and clearly must be done by the organizers. Bali Arts Festival organizers are Bali Provincial Government. The firmness of the government and good arrangement is necessary for this festival does not appear dirty and monotonous.

Submission to the performing arts will be held also impressed not optimal. Lack of promotion of the performing arts that will have an impact on viewers who watched at least staging art. So it was thought that one of art displayed is not favored by residents. The real fact people do not know about art to be staged.

Kuta beach is not worth a visit

Kuta Beach in Badung regency, Bali Province, Indonesia. Visitors to the site put Kuta beach as one of the top ten beaches that are not worth visiting. In that article, Kuta Beach coast aligned with other tourist destinations in the world are not worth visited. Among the Côte Mumbai, India; Beach Fujiazhung, China; Blakpool coast, England and others.

According to the Government of Badung regency, the article was a black campaign aimed at the tourism industry in Bali. Because the tourism industry in Bali is getting better with tourist arrivals growing. It can not be denied, that Kuta Beach is now much different from the time immemorial.

Currently around Kuta Beach is always a hotel developments using green open spaces. Traffic jams that led to the Kuta Beach is also becoming more frequent. Even condition never got serious menanganan of government.

Piles of garbage is a bad thing that often occur along the coast during the rainy season. Garbage is always happening every rainy season. Indeed, this condition causes the beach looks dirty and unfit for play. But this is a natural occurrence that is difficult to avoid. Because the sea along the coast of Kuta is the estuary of rivers in Bali. Create awareness of citizens about waste in place should be improved. Educating the public is the best way to maintain the cleanliness of the beach. So that the waste is not dumped in the river empties into the ocean. And not a bad scenery for tourists.

In general, Kuta Beach is very worth to visit. Many efforts have been made by local authorities to maintain cleanliness on the beach. But it also can not blame the people who have given foting, on the beach is not worth visiting. Perhaps they have felt bad Kuta beach when there is a lot of trash along the beach. And had been stuck in traffic while going to visit the beach.

Article published by can be a lesson for the people of Bali and the government to always keep beach so comfortable to visit. Because the judge was a visitor, not the host who always assume that Kuta Beach is the most beautiful beach of all time.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

About rabies, in 2014 there were thousands of cases of people bitten by dogs in Bali

The island of Bali has become a hotbed for the rabies virus. It happened because a lot of people of Bali who keep dogs. The dog is an animal carrier of rabies, and became the highest animal transmitting rabies to humans. Dogs are man's best friend. For Balinese people, the dog is a faithful companion. Therefore, almost all the houses in Bali have a dog.

Cases of rabies in Bali is very high. Many deaths caused by rabies virus. In the year 2014, from January to March 2014, there were 18507 cases of dog bites to people. It was recorded cases. There may be many unrecorded cases, thus becoming an iceberg phenomenon. That looks very little, but that is not seen very much, up to three times.

The number of deaths from rabies in Bali each year has declined. That is because awareness of Bali to maintain the health of dogs owned. Alertness government also plays a major role in the decreased the number of deaths due to rabies. The government made every effort to prevent the spread of rabies virus. Kiepada vaccination of stray dogs is one of the efforts that have been made. Socialization to residents about rabies and dog bites are also handling the large berpengarus on public awareness in Bali.

In the 2014's there was one people died of rabies caused by dog bites. Hopefully the number of deaths from rabies has not increased. Deaths from rabies is one bad image to the survival of tourism in Bali, as well as the reputation of Bali as the island is clean with the people who stay fit.

The dog is a friend of Balinese people. Without dogs then life will feel lonely. Therefore it is very necessary to educate people in order to avoid cases of rabies that has always been a nightmare for the people of Bali. Dog health a priority now that most people who keep dogs.

Trend keeping dogs in Bali has now changed. Many residents of Bali now choosing dog breeds than the local dog. Dog races are considered better and resistant to disease. Actually it's not entirely true.

Awareness of Bali on handling dog bite is also getting better. That means government programs and efforts that have been taken by the government to run properly. All delivered according to plan.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The best artwork at the Bali Arts Festival

Bali Arts Festival (Pesta Kesenian Bali/PKB) is an annual event by the Provincial Government of Bali which aims to preserve the arts in Bali, by providing a container for staging artistic creations of art groups. In addition, PKB also aims to promote tourism in Bali, by presenting and stage arts every day, so it provides a great opportunity for tourists who want to know all sorts of arts in Bali.

In 2014, the Bali Arts Festival (Pesta Kesenian Bali/PKB) will take place from June 14 to July 12, with the theme Kertamasa, with meaning: Dynamics of Life Community Agriculture Towards Prosperity Universe. Art displayed from nine districts in Bali. Each district will feature all the best artwork owned. With the help and support of the local government regency, all the artists will be assisted ranging from funding and support all their activities while displaying their best art at the Bali Arts Festival.

Every regency in Bali, characterized artistic respectively. Although Bali is a small island, but it has different variety in each regency. Art held in each regency to grow and evolve based on geography, natural conditions, and social activities. For example, in Jembrana regency has a distinctive musical art called Jegog. Jegog is the music of bamboo with the structure and number of personnel similar to gamelan music group. Jegeg grow and thrive in Jembrana regency because it has a bamboo plant very much. That's where the art of growing and developing.

One of the performing arts most popular and favored by tourists is Joged Bumbung. It belongs to the art of dance accompanied by bamboo music with a lot of personnel. Joged Bumbung preferred and desirable because the audience can come to interact and dance, other terms are ngibing. Dancers are usually female, the audience is invited to dance usually are men, although there is also an audience of women who come to dance to the stage. Sometimes there are funny scenes performed by the dancers is fixed so that the audience laughing and happy.

The most prestigious art performances at the Bali Arts Festival is a music contest Kebyar Gong. GongKebyar is a gamelan orchestra that involves a lot of personnel. This art is very attractive to watch because it presents a very exotic musical art.

Bali Arts Festival (Pesta Kesenian Bali/PKB) makes the Balinese people always move and creativity to fulfill our lives. Thus the activity and artistic creativity to produce creative works and Balinese art will never cease, to explore and develop new ideas, whether it is the idea of art barn and in day to day activities, in order to connect the continuity of life. Excavation and development of new ideas in art, used to offset the distribution of foreign culture as a whole due to globalization.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

There will be a full night of music at Dreamfields Festival in Bali

Dreamfields Festival 2014 will be held at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park (GWK) Bali on Saturday, August 16, 2014. Festival is a showcase of world-class musical performances, especially Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Bringing quality and famous DJs in the world. As has been in the title in previous years, Dreamfields Festival will be attended by many visitors to tens of thousands of people. Surely this would be a very enjoyable event for music fans attended by a disco. Because visitors can be danced in front of the outdoor stage with thousands of people from various countries did not recognize.

Dreamfields Festival in Bali will start from 6.00 pm past midnight, up at 4:00 am the next day. So, visitors should prepare for their physical stamina and danced the whole night before. It is unfortunate if it is not able to survive until morning danced. Because the artists who will fill the event is famous artist.

The uniqueness of the concept shown in every organization of Dreamfields Festival is a different appeal. Not just presenting electronic dance music, or a DJ who is very proficient and well known for the quality of the presentation is not in doubt, is also the experience of the organizers of the festival in every organization, from the atmosphere of the venue for the festival, lighting up the stage decorations were awesome, which will make we were fascinated and amazed by the shades that will be displayed during the festival takes place.

So prepare stamina if you want to visit Dreamfields Festival 2014 in Bali. Not to feel the loss for having bought a ticket at a price that is quite expensive. Because regional ticket is U.S. $ 500, not including taxes. Tickets can be purchased on the official website of the organization of Dreamfields Festival 2014.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

About statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) in Bali

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)GWK stands Garuda Wisnu Kencana, which is a large statue that is at a cultural park, and is often called the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park.

GWK is a statue of Vishnu sitting on a bird with a human body. Vishnu is the god in Hindu belief. God of all life preserver. Garuda is a bird figure with human body, has wide wings, eagle claw hands. The statue is made of bronze, but has not been completed. Only part of the head with the body of Vishnu, the bird's head, and the hands of Vishnu. The plan, GWK statue is made with 126 meters of high and 60 meters of wide, with a weight of 3000 tons. If the statue is completed, it will be the highest and the world's largest sculpture. So it can be seen from many distant places. It can be seen from Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua up to Tanah Lot in Tabanan Regency, Bali. Due to very high and located in the limestone hills high enough, ie at an altitude of 146 meters above ground level or 263 feet above sea level.

Areas around of the GWK, is a cultural park, which is often called the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park. Located on the southern Bali island, exactly in North Kuta. This park is located in cape Nusa Dua, Badung regency, about 40 kilometers south of Denpasar. This cultural park area is 250 hectares. Which is dredged limestone hill, and formed in such a way that it becomes a very attractive park.

History of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) has many problems and controversies. Starting from the concept, planning, project implementation management has always caused controversy. Ironically, the big idea behind the plan to build a mega project GWK statue doomed to fail, because GWK sculpture project, has been stalled for years. Even, because of continued controversy, great plans of making GWK must meet constrained by many things.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park
Conditions and problems posed in the plan to manufacture the Garuda Wisnu Kencana very regrettable by many people. Because, when it was first presented to the public in the early 1990s, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue project, well received by government officials. Because the main initiators are well known and talented sculptor, Nyoman Nuarta. As well as the support of the president at the time, seemed to give very high confidence in the success of which will be obtained in the manufacture of this huge statue.

The first and major failure of the project due to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana is less able to convince all or most of the people of Bali in a spiritual perspective. From the beginning, the establishment of a statue of Vishnu riding Garuda is located in the south of Bali, which is at the foot of Bali, has sparked a public backlash in Bali. Therefore, trust the people of Bali, particularly Hindus, that the gods and ancestral spirits in the high and holy place, which is on the mountain, an obstacle in convincing people that the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue so deserve to be in the south of Bali.

The second failure in the construction of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana is the economic crisis that hit Indonesia started in 1997. Since then many managers and donors who are members of a foundation should resign. So that the continuity of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue-making should be stopped.

I Nyoman NuartaAfter stalled for years, now the project of making a statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana resumed. The sculpture worked in NuArt Studio, in the Setra Duta, Sarijadi, Bandung, West Java. Making re-done since March 2013, involving 200 workers at Bandung. Once the manufacturing process is completed in Bandung, all parts of the statue brought to Bali by truck, then assembled and rebuilt in the Jimbatan, Bali. Later there will be two statues, the statue of Vishnu semi-finished, and Garuda Wisnu Kencana is standing in full accordance with the ideals and expectations of the original.

The first initiators of manufacture Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue is I Nyoman Nuarta. An artist born in Banjar Tegal Linggah, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency, Bali, on November 14, 1951. He is a famous artist from Bali which has made many great works of art are phenomenal. However, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue project which makes it very well known. Nyoman Nuarta earned a bachelor of fine arts from the Bandung Institute of Technology, and has now settled in Bandung.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Active volcano in Bali

Active volcano in Bali

Volcano in Bali very much, but there are two volcanoes in Bali that are still active. Mount Agung and Mount Batur is two sleeping volcanoes. Whenever ready to erupt. Two years ago, Mount Batur showed signs of erupting, but it did not happen. Bali is still lucky, because the balance of nature is maintained.

Bali is formed by a cluster of big mountains and tall. Most of the mountain in Bali is not an active volcano that could erupt at any time. The mountains in Bali can be seen clearly from the entire region in Bali. Mountain ranges in Bali in the middle of the island. The mountains stretch from west to east in the center of the island.

Mount Agung is Bali's highest mountain, with an altitude of 3,142 above sea level. The mountain is located in the district of Rendang, Karangasem regency. Mount Agung is a stratovolcano volcano, the crater of the mountain has a very large and very deep. This crater sometimes smoke and water vapor. Mount Agung mountain belonging to the young, and last erupted in 1963 after a long sleep for 120 years.

It is not known the exact amount of the eruption of Mount Agung, but from the stories circulating, the mountain erupted since 1800. In 1808, the mountain ash and pumice that very much. Normal eruption in 1821, no further information. In 1843, the eruption was preceded by earthquakes. The material removed is ash, sand, and pumice. 1908, 1915, and 1917 at various places in the bottom of the crater looks effluent fumarola. 1963 eruption began on 18 February 1963 and ended on January 27, 1964. Eruption is magnatis. Victims carrying 1,148 people died, and 296 people injured.

Mount Batur is located at Kintamani, Bangli regency, is the second highest mountain after Mount Agung in Bali. Has a height of 1717 meters above sea level, Mount Batur which includes the active volcano. Last erupted in 2000. From the year 1804 to 2000 Mount Batur erupted 30 times. The most devastating eruption that on 2 August to 21 September 1926 at 11:00 pm which lava hoard Batur Village and Ulun Danu Batur Temple. In 1963, 6 months after the eruption of Mount Agung, Batur eruption happens again sizable. There were no fatalities. This eruption back hoard Batur Village, and Ulun Danu Batur Temple.

Mount is a place sanctified by the people of Bali, especially Hindus. For residents of Bali, the mountain is the abode of the spirits of ancestors who lived in lonely places, and away from human disturbance. Therefore, all temples in Bali, its position in every yard should be more in the mountains.

Active volcano in Bali
Balinese people strongly believe, Bali volcano did not erupt because of the protection of the ancestors. Ancestors always keep the mountain so as not to erupt and threaten human life in Bali. Each sign will be a disaster occurs, the Balinese people perform a ritual to ask God, the ancestors, and pray all the earth, humans, animals, and plants, to avoid all natural disasters. So that all can live in peace, secure, and peaceful.

Update on Bali volcano, Mount Agung, has shown signs of eruption in September 2017. But back then Mount Agung was back about. Signs of eruption in September 2017 are known from the smoke bunches that emerge from the top of the mountain, as well as earthquakes that occur very often up to hundreds of times a day. At that time residents around the mountain must evacuate to a radius of 12 km. But by mid-October 2017, the volcano was calm again and residents could return home.

Mount Agung erupted again on Saturday, November 25, 2017, 5:30 pm. The eruption was clearly visible with a cloud of big and dark smoke. When the night is clearly visible red light at the top of the mountain. The red light is the lava that meets the crater at the top of the mountain.

At the time of eruption, the ash rains occur. Airports in Bali and Lombok are closed to avoid accidents caused by air around Bali filled with volcanic ash. Many tourists stuck at the airport can not go home by plane.

In some rivers with upstream on Mount Agung experiencing severe floods with cold lava. The cold lava flood in the river resulted in many dead fish. Rice fields that rely on river water menjasi damaged. Many rice plants die.

When the volcano in Bali erupts on November 25, 2017, residents living around the mountain must evacuate. The local government implements a disaster response day until December 10, 2017. Residents still in danger zone are not allowed to return to their homes despite the calm condition of the mountain.

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 Mount Batur

Mount Agung

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Property development in Bali uncontrolled

The development of the tourism industry in Bali impact on population growth. Population growth is rapidly increasing in Bali is not because the number of births is increasing, but the population of migrants from outside Bali that leverage the development of the tourism industry to get a job. These conditions have an impact on the housing needs of an increasingly growing. Thus the need for housing in Bali is increasing.

Housing needs is a common problem in developing countries where population density continues to increase. These conditions become great opportunities by property developers to build housing that can help meet the needs of housing by the residents.

But bad things happen in Bali. Because the rate of population growth is rapidly increasing, as well as factors in the development of Bali's tourism industry, impact on the high price of land and property in Bali. These conditions become good opportunity for property developers to do business in Bali.

Ironically, the development and increase the number of residential property is not appropriate and in line with the number of permanent residents in Bali. The rate of increase in the amount of housing in Bali is much more rapid than the rate of population increase. Developers only see the advantages of residential development, as well as buyers who purchase a home only to berinfestasi. So the house is not purchased for occupancy.

Uncontrolled property development, impact on the reduction in the number of rice fields in Bali. Therefore, most of the construction of the property using the wetland. Villas, apartments, cheap housing, shops, to hotels, mostly using wetland. Whereas needs are not in accordance with the rate of population and economy. This resulted in an increasing number of housing idle because no one is buying. Developers only make the house without taking into account population growth.

Very weak oversight of local government, as well as the corrupt behavior of government officials is a major factor of the rate of growth of property in Bali uncontrolled. Developers do everything they can to avoid regulation. Developers are entrepreneurs who are always trying to get his wish to do business property in Bali can be realized. Meanwhile, the corrupt nature of government officials is a big gap by the developer in order to escape regulation.

If the supervision is done by the government, and the rule of law and regulation in the run, there will be no productive agricultural land which are concatenated into a residential area. As well, there will be no building property is abandoned because no one is buying. The government should take into account the increase in the number of residents with property in Bali.

Subak organization is the victim of the development of the tourism industry. Surely not the tourism industry does not give a positive impact on the preservation of the customs and culture of Bali. The tourism industry benefits only a few people at the expense of culture, nature, customs, and religion on the island.