Friday, May 9, 2014

What is sought after by tourists in Bali?

Many male tourists who come to Bali not only for a vacation or just enjoy the beauty of nature, art and culture in Bali, as well as to fulfill the desire and appetite satisfaction.

Tourism in Bali is very complex, not just the beauty of the beaches, mountains, rice fields, and temple. Not only its unique art and culture by local residents in the show on the stage and everyday life. Tourism in Bali is very complex, a lot of things and something that caused thousands of foreign tourists come to Bali every year.

Tourism in Bali is famous for the term 5-S. Love is part of the tourism that complements the desire of tourists who were vacationing in Bali. Can not be denied, anyone who is traveling and on vacation in a place very far away, some of them definitely make friends comforter on the bed.

Not only foreign tourists who are interested in call girls, local residents also want to feel different sensations. But most people need a girl is a man, the traveler who is in Bali, a businessman who was held a meeting, and others.

Problems began to appear, the image looks bad. Bali is known as norms, culture, religion, and traditions unique, must feel the adverse effects of tourism. The assumption that the Bali tourist serving cheap accomodation, cause a bad image that should be felt by residents of Bali. Balinese girl image also becomes worse. The existence of a call girl business done by some people, adding to the burden of thinking Balinese girl.

Indeed many call girls in Bali came from outside Bali. They come from areas that have poor economic conditions. They came to Bali in hopes of getting dollars from foreign tourists, but the work is not good. Indeed these activities are prohibited by law and religion. But the reason to survive and earn money, whatever they do.