Thursday, May 1, 2014

Water Kingdom Mekarsari, the largest water park in Asia

Water Kingdom Mekarsari, the largest water park in Asia
Water Kingdom Mekarsari (WKM) grand opening was held on December 12, 2012. Claimed to be the largest water park in Asia. If that is the largest, then the water park is like a lake that requires a lot of water, artificial lakes. When opening and promotional event, admission price offered is very cheap. They give discounts of up to 50%. But now a promotional discount is no longer valid.

The water park Water Kingdom Mekarsari having an area of ​​5 hectares. Having a world-class vehicle like Boomerang slides, racer slides, raft slides, Lazy river, wave pool, kiddy pool, toddler pool, olympic pool, fountain & other futsal. Certainly, anyone who tries rides in WKM, must be satisfied, definitely will not forget the time, so it will not want to go home before nightfall. 75% very children-friendly rides. That is, it is not too dangerous for children, and the water is very shallow. So the o would not worry if the kids play in this place.

In general, Water Kingdom Mekarsari only suitable for children. Because most of the rides are only suitable for children. If attempted by an adult, would feel less challenging. Some rides require a float to play, because it's localized for use floats.

Water Kingdom Mekarsari
When the holidays, visitors of Water Kingdom Mekarsari can reach thousands of people per day. During the school holidays, visitors can reach five thousand people per day. Because localized for a family vacation spot, so all amenities are provided to meet the needs of a family.

Plan ahead, Water Kingdom Mekarsari will be integrated with Mekarsari Fruit Garden that is located one area. So visitors can water recreation park in the fruit garden. Actually before the Water Kingdom Mekarsari made​​, the entire area of ​​the water park is Mekarsari Fruit Garden. Perhaps because of the innovation of the owner, then made a huge water park is.

In addition to playing a fun vehicle, Water Kingdom Mekarsari also have some facilities to support, such as the Main Building is in a unique design shaped vessel. Main Building dominates the front area of ​​the WKM. Building this vessel has three main gates as access in and out of visitors to the area WKM.