Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The water in Lake Batur overflowing

Since the beginning of 2014, when the rainfall intensity is very high, since then also overflowing water in Lake Batur. This incident resulted in lakeside houses submerged in water. Even a temple also submerged, so that people can not pray at the temple. Not only houses and temples were submerged, farmland around the edges of the lake are also submerged in water.

Until now, the water in the lake that overflowed not subside to normal conditions. Though the rain intensity is very low, even very rare rainfall. It gives anxious residents who live around the lake. They fear losing their homes if the water has not receded. They worry if the water has not receded, but more rain occurs, the possibility of water in Lake Batur increasingly rising and soaking the whole house around the lake.

Not only farmland and houses are submerged in water, also the dock where the boat is leaning toward Trunyan Village submerged. Managers must make an emergency dock so boats can lean to transport and carry passengers across the lake to the village of Trunyan.

No mitigation is performed by the local government. Because this condition is very difficult to overcome. There is speculation that expressed by citizens, that occurred silting in the lake, so the lake water increasingly rising. And very high during the rainy season.

Conditions silting of the lake is very possible to happen. Because the amount of material that berasar rocks and dust from the mountains washed away rain water go to the lake and settle to the bottom of the lake. These conditions are very difficult to overcome, because it is a natural event that normally occurs.

Residents living around Lake Batur can not do anything with this situation. They can only pray and hope the water to subside. Most of the residents work as farmers who use the water of the lake. In addition to the homeless because of the floods, they also lost their jobs because of farmland flooded lake.