Friday, May 23, 2014

Lakes in Bali

Bali is a small island, but Bali has a large lake, beautiful, and interesting. Lake in Bali has a very vital function. In particular the continuity of the subak system, the organization that regulates the irrigation system in Bali. Lake in Bali, is the beginning of the inception of the Subak system. Therefore, the people of Bali are maintaining the existence of lakes in Bali.

There are four lakes in Bali which serves as a source of irrigation water for rice fields related to the Subak system. Lakes in Bali not only as a source of water for irrigation, as well as a tourist attraction. Utilization of the lake as a tourist spot, giving more value to the tourism industry in Bali.

All lakes in Bali has a temple, called Ulun Danu Temple. Ulun Danu is closely associated with the subak system. By applying the concept of Tri Hita Karana, the making of temples in every lake has a meaning that humans always keep all of God's creation, and the hope that God will always provide abundant water to Bali.

Four lakes in Bali: 
1. Lake Batur
Lake Batur including types of active caldera lake located at an altitude of 1,050 meters above sea level. Located in the area of Kintamani, Bangli Regency. The average depth of 50.8 meters. Batur lake water sourced from rainwater and seepage-water seepage from the surrounding mountains with 105.35 km2 catchment area. The length of the shoreline of Lake Batur approximately 21.4 miles surrounded by land with two different topography, is in the western part is undulating lowlands to the mountains, and in the north, east and south is an area of steep hills to mountains. Batur lake water temperature conditions ranged from 22.8 to 26.6 C and relative humidity annual average is 87.67% ..

2. Lake Tamblingan 

Tamblingan lake is located on a slope, north of Mount Mortar, Desa Munduk area, District of Banjar, Buleleng, Bali. This lake is one of three twin lakes formed within a large caldera. In the east there is a row of Lake Buyan and Lake Beratan. Flanked by the surrounding forest.

3. Lake Buyan

This lake located in the village of Pancasari, Sukasada district, Buleleng, Bali. This lake is flanked by two lakes, is Lake Tamblingan in the west and in the east of Lake Beratan. Buyan Lake is the largest. There is a pond that is connected directly to the lake Buyan through a narrow channel. By pools of society is called Telaga Aya.

4. Lake Bratan 

This lake located in Bedugul area, Village Candikuning, Baturiti, Tabanan, Bali. Being in lane provincial road that connects Denpasar-Singaraja and the location is close to the Eka Karya Botanical Garden makes this place to be one of the mainstay tourist island of Bali. Besides easy reach of Lake Bratan also provides a variety of charm and adequate accommodation. In the middle of the lake there is a Ulun Danu Temple temple, the temple is very famous for its lake and mountain views.