Friday, May 30, 2014

Indonesian presidential candidate using udheng (udeng/destar) while in Bali

Udheng (udeng/destar) is a traditional Balinese headband worn by the man in Bali. Unique and has a very deep meaning. Usually worn during traditional ceremonies and rituals. Also worn on formal occasions that are regional.

If an official, state guests, and other important people come to Bali, visiting residents of Bali, udheng usually worn as a tribute to the citizens. This attitude is always shown by state officials who came to Bali while attending a particular event that was held by the citizens.

When visiting Indonesian presidential candidates yesterday in Bali, Renon, Joko Widodo, he wore a white udheng with little gingham. Wearing a symbol of brotherhood udheng is conveyed to local residents who have not known.

Balinese people will feel happy and proud if their culture respected by other people. For example udheng imposed by the Indonesian presidential candidate, Bali residents feel very happy. Moreover, if a stranger wearing a  Balinese people trandisional dress, then it shows an enormous respect for the culture of the Balinese people.

Not only wearing udheng, if foreigners speak the Balinese language, then it is a great tribute to the culture in Bali. Balinese culture is very unique and should remain stable until whenever. Because the Balinese culture can only grow and flourish in Bali. Very difficult to develop outside the island of Bali. Because the Balinese culture is very complex and is closely related to the condition of the island.