Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dreamfields Festival 2014 in Bali

Dreamfields Festival 2014 will be held in Bali, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, south of Kuta, not a dream festival and did not invite the visitors to dream as imagined. This event is a music festival, specifically the Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Thus, the EDM music fans, it is suitable to visit this festival.

Typically, the implementation of Dreamfields Festival presents a variety of well-known artists from various countries, especially for the genre of EDM. Visitors will be taken on the feel of a very fun, lively and full of joy and cheer, like a big party with full color. In the festival area, the bars also provide alcoholic beverages.

Disco music is the hallmark of this festival. Visitors are invited to jump up and down, and smiled throughout the event. The event lasted until the evening, usually filled with fireworks. So children who are minors should not attend this festival. They feared the child fell and were trampled. Because in any event, there are thousands of people who came.

This year, Dreamfields Festival will be held in Bali. Bali is a small island that is a tourist destination of the world. Bali is well known as a beautiful place with beaches and fascinating culture. One of the most preferred places in Bali are Legian Street, Kuta. Because this place is always a party all night at discos, bars, and cafes.

Thus, the implementation of Dreamfield Festival in Kuta, precisely in south of Kuta, very precise. Sometimes into consideration security reasons. But, Kuta area which is used as a festival at GWK. The place is quite far from the crowds in Jalan Legian. In GWK also credible security guarantees. This area is surrounded by barren hills and heat blur. However GWK area is the best place to hold festrifal which brings many visitors who require excellent security.