Saturday, May 17, 2014

By the day of Galungan 2014, food prices and more expensive pieces

Celebrate Galungan Day is equal to celebrate a victory, a great victory. Because the meaning of the day of Galungan is the triumph of good over evil. So it should be celebrated with joy and love. However, in Bali, celebrated a victory not only with partying, also with rituals and ceremonies. So that all aspects of the lives of Hindus in Bali, is inseparable from the concept of Tri Hita Karana. Galungan day so meaningful and can be felt by all the interrelated aspects of life.

Celebrate Galungan in Bali has become a tradition long ago. Creating a variety of foods is an activity that always do. Therefore, each ahead of Galungan, the price of food and the fruit becomes very expensive. Rice, meat, spices, cooking oil, sugar, and all the raw materials for cooking, must have experienced an increase in price. Prices of fruits also increased, and becomes very expensive. Because the fruit is used to make offerings by Hindus in Bali. Fruits are always needed during Galungan, also in 2014.

Pork is a staple to celebrate Galungan. Not only for consumption, as well as to means of ceremonies. The pork is processed into a variety of typical Balinese food. Lawar, satay, komoh, tum, and more, all made ​​with pork. By the day of Galungan, the price of pork and the meat becomes more expensive. Due to the growing need.

Only vegetable prices did not increase. Therefore, vegetables are very rarely needed ahead of Galungan celebrations. Most people consume pork Bali while celebrating Galungan. Typically, dishes made from pork can last up to several days. Therefore, when the day of Galungan, vegetable prices are very cheap.