Monday, May 5, 2014

Arak Bali killed a young man in Denpasar

Bad image about Arak Bali continues to be heard among the Balinese people. Yesterday, May 4, 2014, a young man from East Java, died from drinking Arak Bali. The boy died in the hostel room, after drinking Arak Bali. Allegedly, Arak Bali which caused the boy to death, has been mixed with hazardous liquids. It is estimated, the liquid that is mixed into the Arak Bali is methanol.

Police are still investigating the boy's death. Although before his death, before drinking Arak Bali, but it definitely needs to be investigated the cause.

Before the young man was dead, he with his friends went to a cafe. The cafe was named Kafe Bambu. The young man from Malang, East Java. He worked in a shop and lived in a hostel, West Denpasar region.

Actually, Arak Bali purely harmless to drink. However, due to traders who want to earn more profits, many traders mix Arak Bali with a variety of hazardous liquids. Methanol is a liquid that is often used to mix Arak Bali.

Last year, an American tourist from experienced blind after drinking Arak Bali.