Friday, April 25, 2014

Udeng/destar, not just a headband

Udeng / destar
Udeng or destar is a Balinese headband which are normally used by the Balinese men. Unique shape with different sizes and patterns. Every year, undeng trends are always changing. Although the trend in udeng always changing every year, but in terms of form, shape udeng always the same, never changing. Because udeng has a very deep meaning, not just a headband.

Udeng / destar has a deep meaning. To find meaning in udeng, can be seen from the shape.

Tying the head with udeng, meaning every man should control all his thoughts. In addition, that all men look more presentable. If you are in the temple, the hair should not be in the temple area. It was strictly forbidden.

The right side of the udeng, the fabric is higher than in the left. That is, each user udeng, should prioritize good in every mind. For the Balinese, the right is positive / good. Always think good, speak well, and always do good. Prioritize goodness in all things.

Udeng should be used when going to the temple to pray. Because udeng is part of the Balinese clothes to pray. If not wearing udeng, a man deemed not ready to pray.

Udeng / destar