Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tsunami disaster will hit in Bali

An earthquake in Chile on Tuesday last, caused a tsunami as high as 1.92 meters in the coastal areas of Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Reported five people died in the disaster. 

On Thursday morning, the people of Bali to get information via BBM that tsunamis in Chile will get to Bali. The effects of the tsunami was going to hit a number of regions in Indonesia, including hitting a beach in Bali. Since there is such information, residents of Bali was alert and panic. Since morning broadcast circulating on the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) appeals an impending tsunami.

Logically, Bali will not be affected by the tsunami that occurred in Chile. Because tsunami in Chile is not too large. Traveling ocean waves of the tsunami from Chile to Bali is also very far. And Bali protected by islands in eastern Indonesia, so the islands hit by the tsunami will be first, so Bali is still safe from the tsunami from Chile.

However, residents of Bali and tourists who were in Bali must remain vigilant against anything that could potentially tsunami. From January until now, there have been many earthquakes in Indonesia and other countries. Bali is located in the volcanic line, and adjacent to the fault of the earth in the Indian Ocean. So the possibility of a tsunami occurring in Bali is very large. Then all the people in Bali, especially those located in coastal areas, should remain alert to any perceived sign of disaster.

Even on Tuesday last, in Bali there was an earthquake that can be felt by many people. Earthquake in Bali Bali proves that citizens should be alert to any possible natural disasters that occurred later. Because natural disasters come without we know for sure.

Bali is the island of the gods. Balinese people believe and are sure that god will always protect. Earthquake ago is a warning from the gods, that the people of Bali to be alert to the impending disaster and greater will occur.