Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Traffic congestion, garbage, floods, crime, but Bali still excellent

Temple in Bali
Bali today very different from the time immemorial. The differences seen in the aftermath of bombings in Kuta that killed hundreds of people. Bomb happened several times. But until now, there are many tourists visiting Bali. In fact, every year, tourist arrivals increases on many who come to Bali. Not only thousands of tourists, but the millions of tourists each year.

Bali has a lot of ugliness. Garbage, traffic jams, floods, higher crime, fraud, and much more. But Bali remains to be excellent for foreign tourists. What exactly are able to maintain the existence of the tourism industry in Bali?.

Actually, many factors make Bali still visited by tourists from different countries. Not only natural beauty, also the lives of people in Bali are very different from anywhere else on earth. In fact, there are tourists who say that everything is in Bali. This assumption is true, but not always true. Even after the making of a movie about romance, that are set in Bali, Eat Pray Love, make Bali more famous. One of the people who became famous in Bali, because the movie starring Julia Roberts, and visited by many tourists is Ketut Liyer.

The following are factors that make Bali is always visited by tourists from various countries:

There are many beautiful places in Bali
Bali has many beautiful and interesting places to visit. Bali has many beautiful beaches. Almost all beaches in South Bali become tourist attractions worldwide. Beach with white sand and ocean waves are very suitable for surfing. Kuta Beach is one of the most famous. In addition to beautiful beaches, Bali also has panoramic ocean with fabulous underwater. Many divers visit the ocean on Bali to see the beauty of the coral reefs and fish are very diverse. Bali also has beautiful mountains and lakes. Forest can be explored. World-class zoo. Unique terraced rice fields with traditional irrigation organization that has been recognized by UNESCO. So Bali has many interesting and beautiful places that exist on the island. From the sea to the mountains, everything is beautiful.

Art and culture are unique
Balinese people are very famous for its high artistic ability. Proven by the many types of dances are highly dynamic, varied types of traditional music that people liked. Dance with the magical elements that are very high, which can make people feel amazed. In addition to the art, rituals and religious activities in Bali is very unique. Cremation procession with magnificent ceremonies and rituals. The design and architecture of temples and buildings in Bali is also very unique and interesting. Bali has a nickname as the island of a thousand temples. The concept of building temples in Bali is very united and harmony with nature. So if someone enters the area of the temple in Bali, very soothing natural shades.

Many water rides to play
Bali has many attractive vehicle to play. Water rides are the most numerous. A playground for adults to children all in Bali. Obviously with cheap price and good service.

Balinese people are very friendly
The hospitality of the people of Bali are well known to various countries. Anyone who was in Bali will not feel alienated, because the Balinese people will always greet you wherever you are. Residents of Bali is always open to anyone who becomes their friend. Smiles and laughter will always be visible, as the They are your friends while walking around in the corner of Bali. Residents of Bali has a very high social life. If you need help, they will not hesitate to help you. So do not feel weird, uncomfortable, or afraid, if you will be greeted, given a smile without you know. Do not worry if the children close to you will bring you joking, or greet you with a very bad english. That's how they greet strangers they see. Balinese people are very easy to get along and make friends with strangers.

Cheap travel
Bali is part of Indonesia with a high inflation rate. All sectors of the economy in Bali influenced by economic stability in Indonesia. Indonesian currency rates are extremely weak. That's what causes the prices of all goods and services in Bali is very cheap for foreign tourists. Even with just one dollar, tourists can buy a tasty beer. The cost is very cheap accommodation, cheap food, buying clothes at a low price, rental cars and motorcycles are very cheap. So all goods and services in Bali is very cheap for foreign tourists. The cost of travel and accommodation in Bali is still relatively cheap compared to other tourist destinations in the country. Bali is also quite close to Australia, which is why Australian travelers are the most visited Bali.

Bali is a tourist spot of shopping
Not only is the hotel and restaurant to be excellent in Bali, also shopping in the entire island. Many famous fasion brand open stores in Bali. Shirt, pants, bags, sports equipment and surfing, electronics, all in Bali, even at low prices. Beautiful and interesting souvenirs are sold cheap.