Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tips: The best time for holiday in Bali

Tip: The best time for holiday in Bali

Bali fit visited throughout the year, because in Bali there are various types and best selection of tours, and attractions that are close together. 

Although Bali is perfect visited throughout the year, but travelers should consider well the perfect time to visit the island of Bali. To get the best time to Bali is not difficult, depending on the type of tourist who will be selected. In general, from April to September is the best time for a vacation to Bali. Because the moon is dry season in Bali. So travelers will not get stuck when the rain will visit tourist attractions in Bali.

The dry season in Bali occurred in April through September, and the the rainy season occurs in September to April. Despite recent changes in the rainy season cycle that is not obvious in Bali, due to the effects of global climate change, but the planning that will still produce a good goal. Traveled to Bali during the rainy season will hurt a lot of things. Because the rainy season we will have difficulty visiting attractions, most tourist attractions are natural, such as beaches, mountains, lakes, forests and temples.

Most of the tourist attractions in Bali is nature. So the consideration of season, largely determines the smoothness of your activities while in Bali. April to September there are also many interesting performances in Bali.

In addition to considering the weather, you should also pay attention to the high seasons in Bali, due to the high seasons in Bali almost any price rise. Such as air fares, hotel rates, car rental rates, prices will rise 25% to 40%. High season in Bali took place in June-July (school holidays), August (summer vacation foreigners), December to early January (the holiday season of Christmas and New Year). So if you are looking for cheap holidays, avoid high seasons. In addition to prices rising, during high season in Bali, Bali there will be many traffic jams.