Monday, April 21, 2014

The fifth stage of rabies virus vaccination in Bali

rabies virus vaccination in Bali
Since the outbreak of rabies epidemic in Bali in 2008, since those times until now provincial government of Bali has made every effort to combat the spread of the rabies virus. Dogs are the main intermediaries in the spread of the virus of rabies in Bali. Because the majority of Balinese people keep dogs. In fact a lot of unclaimed dogs in the streets that can threaten the pedestrians.

Since the outbreak of rabies occurred in Bali in 2008, the government issued regulations prohibiting animal transmitting rabies virus entry into Bali, ie dogs, cats, monkeys and the like. All kinds of animals are prohibited from entering into Bali for a while. Until now the rule is still in effect until an unspecified time. If the animal will be taken to Bali already has a license, then the animal can be brought to Bali.

Mass vaccination of the dog population conducted continuously in eight regency and one city in Bali. Mass vaccination rabies virus fifth stage held from 15 April 2014 Rabies Vaccination put stray dogs, dogs without owners, and dogs that are not properly maintained.

Vaccination system this time, a bit different than vaccination years ago. If last year, officials vaccinate dogs, they found, and they see everywhere, but now put stray dogs and puppies that have not been vaccinated predictable.

If all dogs and puppies have got a rabies vaccine, and officers targeted a house dog, which is clearly the owner and carers. Mass vaccination this year's emphasis on the puppy, the hope from the beginning was to get protection and immunity. Two weeks of age puppies can already vaccinated, with the hope to accelerate the achievement of that Bali rabies virus free.

Since the beginning of 2014 until now, there are 17 dogs who tested positive for the rabies virus. Most cases are found in Buleleng regency. Meanwhile, last year there were 44 dogs were positive for rabies with a predominance of cases occurring in Buleleng, Jembrana and Bangli.