Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Serangan Island Bali, will be developed into a tourist village

Once evaluated by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, set Serangan Island as a tourist village in Bali.

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Serangan Island is located in the District of South Denpasar, Denpasar City. Serangan Island is located 500 meters south of the city center, has a maximum of 2.9 miles long and 1 mile wide. The island is known as a breeding of turtles. To reach this island can be done through the newly created bridge. Previously there was no bridge, can be addressed only by boat. In this island there is a village called Serangan Village.

Serangan village is a small village located in the southern island of Bali, the village has now been reclaimed. Geographical boundaries are Serangaan Village: north: Sanur Kauh Village, south side of Tanjung Benoa Village, west: Pedungan village, east: Badung Strait.

Chosen Serangan Island into a tourist village on the island of Bali, not separated from assessment and evaluation results more than a year. Hopefully, this year, the island could attack given priority to be developed by the central government.

Natural potential and resources of the Serangan island, very supportive to be developed into a sustainable tourist destination. So that it can deliver more value, not only to encourage the entrepreneurial community. More than that, so that local people can meet established standards, such as in the case of the provision of accommodation and other facilities. It is also expected, later developing the creative industries in the village.

Although it has been declared as a tourist village, Serangan village still take a few years, to be completed stages of development, and management in a sustainable manner.

Although Serangan Island is potentially a tourist destination, the region needs to be maintained properly. Serangan Island should be treated carefully and correctly developed, in tune with the lives of local residents.

On the Serangan island there are some pretty interesting sights, including : Serangan Beach, turtle conservation ( Turtle Conservation and Education Center ), and the conservation of coral reef fish ( Marine Attack Garden ), and dolphins floating cages managed by Dolphin Lodge Bali.