Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rabies virus is becoming an epidemic in Bali

Getting a dog is a necessity for the people of Bali and has become a tradition and a habit that is hard to break. Almost all Bali residents keep dogs, except Muslims. The main purpose and objective of getting a dog to be a keeper at home. Not only keeping of criminals, as well as to keep the house from wild animals that can threaten.

Since the first dog has become a friend to the people of Bali. Dog to its owner loyalty has been tested for thousands of years. Dogs have always been human's friends, the most loyal, although sometimes people treat dogs with rough.

The problem arises, when the dog is getting a lot of abandoned due to lack of attention of the owner. Many dogs roam the streets, and hunger. So dogs are susceptible to illnesses. One of the diseases in dogs are very dangerous and can be transmitted to humans is rabies.

Rabies is a virus that can be transmitted from animals to humans. Many dogs infected with rabies in Bali. Most dogs infected with rabies in Bali is a neglected stray dog owners. The habit of throwing the baby dog in the street by people of Bali have become a problem for themselves. Outbreaks rabieh a threat throughout Bali.

A few years ago, deaths from dog bites serious attention of government and the World Health Organization. The number of deaths from dog bites rabies in Bali, the government made a serious act. The government eliminated the dog by killing all unclaimed stray dogs. This action is intended to prevent a dog bite victims.

In addition to killing stray dogs, the government also educate people by providing knowledge about rabies, and the impact that can be caused if a puppy abandoned on the streets.

Although current dog bite cases on the wane, as well as awareness of the pet dog 's health, it can not prevent deaths from rabies in Bali. Currently there are still cases of dog bites that resulted in death in Bali.

Many Balinese people are now turning to maintain import purebred dogs. However, the natural and climatic conditions that are not in accordance with the eligibility live dogs, have a negative impact on the health of the dog. Many breeds of dogs infected with rabies in Bali and be a threat to residents of Bali.