Sunday, April 6, 2014

Penjor Galungan 2014

Penjor is part of the equipment during the celebration of Galungan ceremony. Also for Galungan 2014 Penjor also part of the celebration of Galungan. On the day of Galungan must be Penjor. Therefore, the upcoming Galungan day, I created the term, namely Penjor 2014.

Penjor 2014 is likely to experience growth in its manufacture. Likely to use raw materials that are ready for the raft into a Penjor. Like last year, many Penjor made ​​with raw materials that are ready to be assembled. This year will be the same as years ago.

Penjor 2014 followed the trend and natural conditions. There are currently very difficult to obtain raw materials for the manufacture of Penjor. The raw materials of nature on the wane, because the forest and moor on the wane as a result of development. Most of the raw materials for Penjor obtained from the market to buying. Because very few natural materials, are being replaced by synthetic materials, namely fabric and paper.

Bring in from outside Bali is also an option to meet the raw material for making Penjor. Palm leaves that have preserved the best choice. Dried palm leaves more durable, bright yellow color, and cheaper. However, the availability of an obstacle in the market to make Penjor, to make it more lively and attract. Therefore, many people mix the raw materials held.

Penjor Galungan 2014