Friday, April 18, 2014

Paddy yellowing, no longer harvest season

Paddy yellowing, no longer harvest season
Bali has a lot of rice fields. The most extensive rice fields located in Tabanan. Tabanan is the most widely rice producer. When the harvest time approached, all yellowing rice fields. Indicates if the rice is ready for harvest. All looks very beautiful. With terraced rice fields in the hills.

Farmers plant rice for economic needs. Unlike such antiquity, farmers grow rice for their daily meals. But now they grow rice to earn money. Money is their main needs. If the first farmers store their rice in the barn, now all rice sold for money.

Farming system in Bali which regulate the distribution of water called Subak. Subak is a traditional organization in Bali that regulates the water system. Subak system has been recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage that should be preserved. Subak system has existed since time immemorial. Created by the ancestors of Balinese people. They are very clever and capable of knowing what to do.

At present almost all paddy fields in Bali has yellowed. That's the sign of paddy ready for harvest. Unlike the past, the harvest is done traditionally, in collaboration between farmers picking rice. But now the harvest is done by others. Farmers just sit waiting for the harvest. Harvest was using the machine, so it can be done quickly and do not need to laboriously.