Saturday, April 12, 2014

Not only Ketut Liyer

Ketut Liyer is an old man from Bali, he is very famous, because his character is involved in a movie starring Julia Roberts. The movie titled Eat Pray Love which some scenes were taken in Bali, with a unique character in the movie is a man who is a traditional healer. People call it by name Ketut Liyer. A practitioner of traditional medicine which is renowned for its ability to predict a person by reading the lines on your palms.

Ketut Liyer is not the only traditional healer in Bali. There are many people who work as a healer. Traditional treatment techniques that are applied are still using old-fashioned methods. Method with prayers and the help of the ancestors. Commonly used medicinal herb derived from nature. Simple, heal, but it needs patience.

Most physicians in Bali do not provide current drug treatment practices. They will give the recipe to make a traditional herb that should be formulated by the patient. Balinese people are already accustomed to mix their own herbs. The ingredients can be easily obtained in nature. Because almost all of the plants on this earth to have medicinal properties.

Ketut Liyer learned traditional medicine from his parents, as well as from books and theories are given their parents. Necessary intelligence to learn the techniques of treatment with the study independently. The ability to learn something well and right without constraint called Taksu. Taksu for the Balinese people is very necessary for the smooth and do something. Taksu also be interpreted with cleverness.

However, most practitioners of traditional medicine in Bali, getting medicine from the revelation given by the ancestors. It's silly, but it is real. Usually people who get a revelation to become a physician can not refuse. Treatment techniques assisted by the ancestors revealed, without having to learn it first.

So Ketut Liyer not the only practitioners of traditional medicine in Bali. There are many medical practitioners tradisoinal more intelligent, and able to heal. There are over Bali, not only in Ubud.