Saturday, April 5, 2014

Galungan 2014 will be full of color

Galungan 2014 will be full of color
Galungan 2014 took place on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. Just like previous years, this time Galungan day will be full of color. Because the Balinese people expected economic growth increasing. That means the purchasing power of citizens of Bali is growing. So, when in 2014 the first celebration of Galungan, Balinese people will celebrate with great fanfare.

Galungan is a feast and the holiday's most anticipated by residents of Bali. Also the kids will feel very happy when the day of Galungan. Because at that time the kids usually got something special from their parents. Getting new clothes, toys, pocket money that much, on vacation visiting grandma and grandpa. Galungan holiday is also a day to get closer to relatives to grow the spirit of kinship between brothers.

When Penjor manufacture will also be the most proud of when will celebrate Galungan 2014. Because of the tendency to buy supplies to make Penjor also higher. If all the people of Bali made ​​Penjor by purchasing equipment ready in the chain, then certainly all Penjor will look nice and full of color.

Development trends during the celebration of Galungan is also a concern citizen. Due to religious activities and rituals have become a trend and merges with the changing times and lifestyles. That is why Hindu people of Bali to continue to exist to this day. Trends, the changing times, lifestyle, and rituals have become one with the life of the Balinese.

Galungan Day has also become a showcase of luxury by the people. Sometimes they flaunt valuables while performing prayers in the temple. Naturally, when they go abroad to work, and came home with a lot of money, as showing the results of what they are looking for while working.

Whatever it is, at least on the day of Galungan in 2014, nothing happened that could damage social relationships between people. Since the day of Galungan is a day to be together.