Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day tour in Bali, is it possible?

Day tour in Bali is very possible.

Bali is a small island but has a lot of beauty. There are many interesting places that deserve to be visited in Bali. But if you want a day tour in Bali, must be very careful planning. Although we can tour in Bali in just a day, but if planning is not right, then we will not be able to enjoy the beauty of the Balinese.

Since the first, a day tour in Bali is commonly practiced by school children. Each school holiday, always held a day tour by the school management. With the goal, so that students can menghilangkaa stress during school lessons. Tour day is normal and commonplace, without a stay, without great expense. Only with the five dollars for each child, then a day tour in Bali is passed.

But unlike the journey to be undertaken by foreign tourists. A day trip to some tourist attractions will not be satisfactory. Because it will encounter many obstacles on the way. But with proper site selection tour, and with the right use of means of transportation, the day tour in Bali will be very enjoyable.

In Bali there are many service providers a day tour. Usually their individual nature guides. Many youths in Bali that caters to tour with a package tourist destination that has been provided. However, you should set yourself where would you go travel. If only visiting Kuta and surrounding areas, I feel no need to employ the services of a tour guide. But if you want to visit some of the famous tourist spots in Bali with just a day, you should use the services of a tour guide, in order to reach the destination on time and not get lost.

If you want to be more efficient, and can explore the island of Bali and several interesting sights in a day, then you should use the scooter. With a scooter you can through the small streets, narrow alleys, through the traffic jam, and most importantly you arrive on time. With a scooter you just spend a little money, without a guide, without a time limit.

If you want to do a day tour in Bali, should you arrive in Bali earlier. Certainly you will begin the journey from the airport to the hotel, to put your luggage. Look for hotels close to the airport. We recommend that you are ready before sunrise, since the beginning of your trip is to see the beautiful the sun rises on the beach.

To see the beautiful sunrise, come to Sanur Beach. Sanur beach, the sun rises like a ball of fire from heaven, which emerged from the east. While walking the streets and eating at the restaurant for breakfast, you can see a beautiful view of the beach.

Once in Sanur, then head to Ubud. Seeing the natural beauty of Ubud, and the friendliness of people in Ubud. Visiting Monkey Forrest Ubud Market and Ubud Royal Palace. But keep in mind, you are there on a day trip, the computation time is primary.

Once in Ubud, then head to Besakih, the main and largest temple in Bali. Enjoy the natural beauty and unique architecture in Besakih temple.

Once satisfied at Besakih, then head to the Batur. Batur is a mountainous region with beautiful lake. Batur temple is also exist in a very interesting and unique. Do not be too long in Batur, after that you should go to Singaraja, Buleleng. Actually in Singaraja nothing very interesting place, but you can enjoy the beauty diperjanan safe.

Of Singaraja, head south, through the mountains and beautiful hill, heading to Bedugul. There Bedugul lake with temple in the middle of the lake. This place is great for relaxing.

After Bedugul, then head to the Tanah Lot temple. Tanah Lot we can enjoy a very beautiful sunset. But if you want to watch the sunset, you should already be in Kuta Beach during the afternoon.

Once satisfied with the sunset at Kuta Beach, you can enjoy a night in Kuta nightlife filled with a party. Party all night. If you 're feeling tired, go back to the hotel, then go home.

Day tour in Bali can be done with proper planning, but with very little satisfaction.