Monday, April 21, 2014

Cruel, culling of dogs in Gilimanuk

Some time ago, a security officer at Gilimanuk, confiscated dozens of pets brought from Java to Bali. The pet does not have an official document. Confiscated pets are dogs, cats, and birds of various sizes and types, which have a very high price. Dogs race types pomerian, siberian husky, mini-pom, and lecy.

Persian cat types have seized be returned to its owner. However purebred dogs seized unknown owner. A total of 31 dogs with a high price euthanized by officials of the Office of Integrated Agricultural Quarantine Working Area Gilimanuk, Jembrana District, Bali.

Extermination of tens dog race was criticized by many people. The grounds are not willing to take the risk of the spread of rabies in Bali, officer killing dogs by injection with toxic liquid.

Officers should check the health of the dogs. If the dogs were indeed proven rabies virus, then the act of destruction can be done. But if it is not proven, then the act of destruction of dogs by injecting venom is a very cruel act. Not all dogs tested positive for rabies. If the quarantine officer is not able to care for dozens of dogs, there are still many people who want to adopt.