Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Angie Miller (American Idol) will be to Bali

Angie Miller, contestant of "American Idol" in 2013, season 12, conducted a series of promos in Indonesia. After a series of promos in Jakarta, Angie Miller plans to continue their journey to Bali. It is not known where she would stay in Bali. Maybe only for sightseeing or doing concerts.

At a press conference, Angie revealed that his participation on American Idol, has helped her in achieving her career in music. Furthermore, Angie hopes that its presence in Indonesia can provide the motivation for the fans to continue to pursue a dream.

Angie Miller is in Indonesia since April 16. Four days in Jakarta, Angie took time to enjoy a culinary tour. She tasted a variety of foods, from spicy foods to sweet. Of various foods she tried, her favorite is the fried rice (nasi goreng). Angie express the delicacy of the food in front of her fans.