Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A tourist from England died in the room inn in Ubud

British tourist dies in lodging rooms in Ubud, Cabera Bungalow. The Tourist is a man, aged 69 years old, named David Victor Moss. When found, his body was stinking. It is estimated that he died more than 24 hours, which was visible from his body stiff and stinking.

It is not certain cause of death, but it is expected that tourists died from a drug overdose. When found, his body was stiff, with a mouth bleed. Found a lot of drugs in the room. The drugs are medical drugs. There are no signs of violence on the body of the tourists.

Tourist corpse was found by a waiter who was about to clean the room. When the maid entered into the room, he saw David Victor Moss lying in bed with a stiff body. The waiter was yelling. When her friend came, they saw a lot of medical drugs on the side of the body.