Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tourists allowed to move in Kuta Beach when Nyepi Day 2014

When Nyepi day, all people should not be activities outside the home, including foreign tourists who were vacationing in Bali.

Nyepi is synonymous with quiet day without any activity by residents outside the home. Nyepi is currently no vehicle, no flight. Foreign tourists also should not be activities outside the hotel where they were staying. Tourists are only allowed to indulge in the hotel area.

Currently the Bali provincial government granted permission to the tourists who want to indulge in Kuta Beach. However, subject to the fray do not disturb the tranquility around. Tourists are only allowed to be around the beach. There should not be a walk in the street.

When all roads Nyepi Day in Bali, guarded by Pecalang. Pecalang is traditional security organization in Bali. Pecalang have the duty and function of securing indigenous and religious activities in Bali. When Nyepi pecalang do security in the entire region of indigenous villages in Bali.

If there are people who crossed the road when Nyepi, then Pecalang will take action. Foreign tourists will also be dealt with jiga violate provisions.