Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tips: Four of the best places to visit during Nyepi

When Nyepi Day is identical with the very dark, quiet, no lights at night, no vehicles. But before and after Nyepi Day, there are many sequence ceremony performed by Hindus in Bali. If you're in Bali, but have not had a proper plan and appropriate to see the beauty and uniqueness of the ritual procession of Hindus in Bali, I'll give you the best tips to enjoy Nyepi Day in Bali.

Three days before Nyepi Day, visit the Sanur Beach 

Just three days before Nyepi Day in Bali is Melasti day. Melasti is a ritual to clean the universe and the human body from any negative energy, so that during the celebration of Nyepi Day, all Hindu rituals Nyepi can perform well without interruption.

Meslasti ritual is passed on the beach. In each village performing rituals on the same beach in a district or more. Sanur Beach in Bali is the best location to witness the Melasti ritual. Come when midmorning. Ritual usually done from morning to evening. But sometimes the Melasti ritual has been completed during the day early afternoon.

We recommend that you wear Balinese traditional clothes, adjusting to the Hindus who are doing the rituals, join them, then you can feel different from the previous beach. Nuance of magic will be felt when you are near the gamelan and ritual paraphernalia.

The day before Nyepi day, or two days after Melasti Day, visit the center of Denpasar or Kuta

The day before Nyepi day is called the Pangrupukan day. On Pangrupukan day, Hindus in Bali normally perform rituals environmental cleanup, yard, villages, and temples. Cleaning of all evil genie effect that can interfere with both Hindus while doing yoga when Nyepi.

Pangrupukan day can be regarded as the most festive day before Nyepi day. Pangrupukan day is a day for the parade ogoh-ogoh. Ogoh-ogoh is a symbol of evil in human beings to be exterminated. Best ogoh-ogoh parade usually in the center of Denpasar City, Kuta, the center of Tabanan City, and Ubud.

Nyepi Day, stay in one of the hermitage yoga in Ubud, Gianyar

When Nyepi day, Balinese across the region, all activity stopped. No lights on, no vehicles, should not be traveling, partying should not be, should not be noisy and loud. Nyepi Day can also be regarded as a day for yoga, penance, fasting. At the time of Nyepi Day, you can visit the yoga training in Ubud, Gianyar. There are many yoga training places, but look for a place that provides facilities to stay, because when Nyepi day for twenty-four hours you should not be out of the inn.

After Nyepi Day, visit the Sesetan Village

The next day of Nyepi Day, is a Ngembakgeni day. On the Ngembakgeni day everyone already begun work as usual. We recommend you visit the Sesetan village, because there is a ritual that is very unique and interesting, the Omed-omedan. Omed-omedan ritual can be regarded as a ritual of kissing between boys and girls in the Sesetan village. This ritual is very unique, and can make you laugh, amused, delighted, embarrassed, and much more interesting.