Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tilem Kesanga Day, March 30, 2014, ogoh-ogoh parade

Based on the Balinese calendar, Sunday, March 30, 2014 is Tilem Kesanga, a day for a parade of ogoh-ogoh in all regions of the island. There is no moonlight, day to cleanse the earth of evil genie that is, so that people are not bothered by the evil genie, who will celebrate Nyepi.

Tilem Kesanga day, is the most anticipated day by children and young people. On that day will be held ogoh-ogoh parades throughout Bali. Each village consists of several hamlets, each hamlet definitely make ogoh-ogoh is done by young people. So every village there must be a parade of ogoh-ogoh, but with a different excitement, depending on the source of funding and creative citizens.

Usually ogoh-ogoh parade starting at 2:00 pm. The parade lasted until evening, although in some places there has been an end to the parade, before the night. After the ogoh-ogoh taken around the village, ogoh-ogoh will be burned. Combustion ogoh-ogoh have shattered any sense of human vices. But in some places, ogoh-ogoh are not burned, the reason for the recommended either, because it is difficult to make.

Suggested by the time the parade ogoh-ogoh, not traveled too far from the inn, because all the roads in Bali will surely occur traffic jams. Should begin now determine which will stay. Because after the ogoh-ogoh parade, there will be no public transport vehicles operating.