Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nyepi Day, the radio and television broadcast shall not operate

Nyepi Day
When Nyepi Day in Bali since a few years ago, radio and television broadcasts in Bali are not allowed to operate. This decision was delivered by the provincial government of Bali, with the goal of keeping the celebration of Nyepi be quieter. In addition to radio and television broadcasts are not allowed to operate, all citizens should also not lighting lamps, vehicle, fire, and all other forms of lighting.

Nyepi, not only for the residents of Bali alone, also for the world and the universe. Nyepi has a very broad meaning to human life and nature. Therefore, when Nyepi, there is no human activity, no vehicle, no electricity and fossil energy consumption. When Nyepi all people should not go, should not should not make a fuss, should not start a fire, should not have fun, all activity stopped completely. This nature would be very quiet, no air pollution, no commotion. Because all activity is not everyone, so there will be no worries if it does not work.

Not only radio and television broadcast shall not operate, public transportation and air transportation are also not allowed to operate. It is the commitment of the government and citizens to Nyepi Day when everything was really quiet. In accordance with the meaning of Nyepi, means quiet, calm, not noisy, do not do anything.

Nyepi Day traditions, has been recognized internationally, as tradition bemberikan good impact for the universe. Many countries have implemented similar thing as was done in Bali from hundreds of years ago. Today has been a day without electricity, without the tobacco, and others. Many are inspired by Bali's Nyepi Day all the residents want to implement with all my heart and consciousness.

Nyepi Day is not only for the citizens of hindu only, but also for other people. Because the benefits that can be felt when Nyepi is huge. We all can leave the work load, the load of pollution and environmental harm life. So everybody will feel the positive impact.