Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Melasti day, the ritual while recreation by young people of Bali

Melasti ritual in Bali
Before Nyepi Day on March 31, 2014, there is one day which is a series of Nyepi celebration. Melasti is a day that is a part of the celebration of Nyepi day in Bali. Melasti aims to clean up all the negative things in the temple. Melasti ritual usually performed by all Hindus in Bali. Melasti is generally performed on the beach.

Typically, the Melasti utilized by young people of Bali for recreation while the rites. Because, Melasti activities carried out on the beach, then it becomes a great opportunity for recreation by the young people. Before the Melasti ritual begins, young people will play and take a walk on the beach while joking with friends. There are new friends to be found, because when Melasti, all the people from different villages would gather at a beach in the district.

When the main event started Melasti ritual, usually right at 12.00 pm
, everyone will gather in one place to pray together. After the prayers finished, everyone dispersed and returned to their respective villages. When these young people will spend time at the beach until the afternoon. They shopped and played on the beach. Which will make new friends chatting until dusk. There are even getting a lover.

That's the fun of life of the people of Bali. Ritual becomes one with recreation. Not boring, but in time they will pray with wisdom. Hindu religious holidays is a very exciting day for the young people of Bali. Rituals, lifestyle, religion, tradition, art, all become one in shades that are fun to be lived.